Ryan Power "Identity Picks" (Record Release Party!)

Ryan Power "Identity Picks" (Record Release Party!)

Burlington, Vermont's Ryan Power makes stunningly outré pop music imbued with strange funk and damaged soul. Ryan has been self-producing and releasing music since 2002 until "I Don’t Want To Die", his fifth album overall and debut LP for NNA Tapes in 2012. On his earliest albums, his gift for song craftsmanship was apparent through his breezy Brazilian infested jazz pop. His music has since shifted towards a highly evolved and unfolding pop compositions. Power's harmonic puzzles turned into pop hooks are accompanied by his blunt personal lyrics which address contemporary issues such as fear of death, hypochondria, materialism, the music industry, environmental destruction, lust, self evaluation, and identity crisis. Ryan's latest "Identity Picks" for NNA Tapes is a 8 song cycle that moves through lush jazz pads, a sensitive side of progressive rock, and aquatic smooth jazz funk styles. The production is astonishingly hi-fi considering Ryan self recorded, engineered, mixed and performed on the entire album himself. According to Power the album the eight songs on the album were written "to help give my life meaning".

Ryan currently performs with a 5 piece band and has shared the stage with the Dirty Projectors, Delicate Steve, Little Women, Happy Birthday, Blanche Blanche Blanche and Happy Jawbone Family Band.

Co La is the new exotica music of Matt Papich. People are calling it "Fresh" and "Evocative". It's New Anything Bass Music, kind of, but also part of the new Its Not Everything sound. Do you like Flow Motion by Can? Have you seen "O.C. and Stiggs"? Imagine skimming for a sweet spot and finding cool confusion - Pop Music For Dream Life. Are you too wise to live straight? Whose tears are superior? Post-Honeypot era New Reggae. Also, do you have flying dreams? Do you feel new solidarity with a global potential? Looney Tunes. Be real with a wall of sound, and slip a finger in your ear delicately. Feel successful at night. Playing conceptual footsy with predictive text and the future says "Co La?"

Blanche Blanche Blanche

What planet are Blanche Blanche Blanche really from? It's a reasonable
question to pose at the Brattleboro, Vt., duo of Zach Phillips and
Sarah Smith, who have produced one of the year's most thoroughly
alien-sounding pop albums.The world of Blanche Blanche Blanche is
mapped by minimal synth-work with an early-1970s feel, recorded
without computers or sequencers, using a Yamaha MT8X eight-track, the
same model Ariel Pink used to record the first Haunted Graffiti album
in the late 1990s. While their profiles continue to grow, we're lucky
to have groups like Blanche Blanche Blanche, taking the reins and
going deep to explore the parameters of electronic pop at its most
legitimately peculiar.

Xander Duell

It’s going to take more than the space provided here to sum up the ideas and talent of NYC’s Xander Duell, who has fused decades’ worth of nuance into these thirteen songs. The implication in the title of this one is at least somewhat correct in that the experimental nature of Duell’s music rears its head in style and content atop songwriting that touches the emotional core without hesitation or regret. There is joy and sadness here, electronics and guitars, grandeur alongside the neon-lit sleaze. Calibrate your expectations appropriately on this one, but be prepared to have them shattered by this outsider work, in the spirit of Scott Walker’s numbered albums and the prime cut of ‘70s soft rock.

DJ Turkey P [NNA Tapes]


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