Love, Robot is a 4-piece alternative rock band consisting of a dual male/female lead with two guitars, bass and drums. L,R has revamped their sound to reach an all time high of musicianship and togetherness that is unlike anything heard before. With influences like Brand New, La Dispute, and Explosions in the Sky, Love, Robot creates music incomparable to anything currently in existence and will continue to not only break the walls between different genres but also to break into the hearts of fans all over the world with the utter passion that is displayed through their music.

A Criminal Risk

A Criminal Risk is a punk rock and roll band from New Jersey. They got their start in late 2008 and immediately began creating their own brand of hook laden, yet aggressive punk rock music. In a scene where rock and roll was lost in a current of power-pop and heavy metal, ACR stood their ground and kept playing the music they had set out to keep alive and well. Influenced by everyone from Bobby Fuller to Blink-182, the catchy choruses and blistering guitar riffs never seem to let you down and will stay stuck in your head. In 2010, the band began working on their first album, 'The Art of Dropping Names' which featured some of the first songs they ever wrote (Sarah Sanity,Brooklyn) and was finished with songs displaying their eagerness to take over the world!....Or at least Reading & Leeds Festival. (The Art of Dropping Names, Heartless Romantic). The album was released on December 10th of 2011 on iTunes and Amazon and shortly after was printed for physical distribution. ACR seems to always keep a long list of plans in mind, but number one on that list is playing live! Their high energy, adrenaline rush of a show never seems to disappoint. The flow of catchy riffs and powerhouse drumming never ends and they are always including the crowd in a number of outrageous scenarios whether it'd be snapping their fingers in a classy manner to the beat of their songs, asking people to chant all of their names at one time as some sort of obnoxious introduction, or even so far as the infamous "Crawl of Death". Whatever the case may be, nobody leaves an ACR show unsatisfied! Or untouched...they still haven't decided.
Now, in the present and oh so exciting world of A Criminal Risk, self promoted tours have seemed to run have their course, and they are ready for the big leagues. "We don't hate DIY tours at all. They've been an amazing learning experience over time, but we want to be more successful in order to continue making our dreams a reality. We're always dreaming so I guess we have a lot to do!". With several DIY tours and one alongside a package of other great artists, a new album on iTunes, a constant flood of new music, and even a single which is being featured on a new compilation by GoDIY Records, A Criminal Risk seems to be on the right path to achieving everything they've been working for. If you're looking for a band to satisfy your needs of infectious punk rock and roll, this is the band for the job. This is the band that is going to keep it alive

No Such Noise

The Sicklerville, NJ natives play a brand of ska-punk that isn't quite the norm for today's genre. While the standards for ska might be lowered today, No Such Noise! brings a healthy mix of pure pop-punk based hooks and ska horns. As the band says, imagine if Fall Out Boy's Take This To Your Grave collided with Less Than Jake's Losing Streak, and you have what No Such Noise! is striving for.

$8.00 - $10.00


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