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stoptheclock is a profound collaboration of diverse artists and songwriters capturing the soul of melodic pop, rock, and southern roots of country. Best described as "new wave pop/country".

stoptheclock's unique and wide range of style and material is born from the collaboration of distinct and incredibly compatible writers and musicians. Whereas Michael Massey and Mike Ripp create a blend of arrangments that can at times lead songs toward the vein of multi-sensory bands like Pink Floyd, Tony Cerniglia and Frank Queram take songs such as Cerniglia's "Talk to Me" and "One Day" into a beat driven midwest country-blues-rock style. The addition of singer/songwriter Briana Hardyman incorporates classic country and edge of Nashville grittiness. The common factor behind the seamless collaboration is that the material has no boundaries and is truly timeless.

stoptheclock has a breadth of material ranging from heart thumping memphis blues style tunes such as "All Worked Up", a song that musically reminds one of one Elvis's early sexually charged rockabilly material, to ambient melodic synth rock songs like "Velvet Storm", which has the ebb and flow of Coldplay or U2.

The lyric and melodic prowess of songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Michael Massey is showcased in emotional compositions like fan favorites "Not Pretending" and "Across the Bridge". "Not Pretending" is a poignant song about a group of life long friends whose inner turmoil and experiences have finally made them who they truly are. "Across the Bridge" is a heart breaking alternative rock song chronicling the difficult transition one must make in crossing a bridge from a person and place he or she can never return to.

Universal and intimate subject matter, beat driven freewheeling blues, rock, and alternative country songs engage, move, and uplift the listener.

Whisky Doll

Blues Rock Beauty and Soul. You'll find all that wherever you find us! Hope you have as much fun as we do. xoxo, WD

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