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"The Philadelphia power trio Stinking celebrating the release of an intense new record, "Sacrifice and Bliss." The band, which takes its name from a mute character in Dostoyeveky's "The Brothers Karamazov," plays heavy instrumental rock that meshes complicated and precise prog-rock passages, gloomy riffs in the Black Sabbath vein, and occasional free-jazz blowouts. Led by the melodic guitar playing of Yanni Papadopoulos and backed by a frenetic rhythm section made up of Papadopoulos's brother Alexi, on bass, and the drumer Cheshire Agusta, the group has been a linchpin in the vibrant West Philly underground since its founding, fifteen years ago. They are uncompromising in the best sense of the word." - The New Yorker

Formed in Minneapolis, MN in 1997 by Tom Berg, Conrad Mach, and Brian Heitzman, Self-Evident have since developed and applied a unique, intricate, and smart formula to standard rock songwriting, conjuring music that is very resistant to categorization.
Variously described as math, indie, jazz, punk, and post-rock, Self-Evident encompasses all of these styles and more-often in a single three minute song with a strong melodic sense. The instrumentation is simple: bass/vocals, guitar/vocals, and drums.

Self-evident have played over 700 shows in 24 states and 9 countries with countless bands such as Don Caballero, TTNG, Tera Melos, into it. over it, Ahleuchatistas, Oxes, Juno, Chokebore, & Local H to name a few.

The summer of 2006 brought the departure of Brian Heitzman, original drummer of 9+ years. Long time pal and superstar Ben Johnston of Clair de Lune immediately came to the rescue and has since brought a new life, discipline, and musical influence to the band.

They have since recorded 3 full-length, an EP, and recently released an album mixed with some new, some old, and some covers.

This show is to celebrate the 10 years that Ben has been part of the band.

Buildings is a band hailing from the northern tier of the midwest. Formed in 2006 in a shitty basement travis kuhlman and brian lake started working on songs that would soon become the band Buildings. These songs are powerful loud thrashy tunes designed for a nervous breakdown. Buildings Released a record in 2008 Braille Animal a 10 song punch in the face. Their new record Melt, Cry, Sleep was released in December of 2011 on cash cow productions and doubleplusgood records. For fans of Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Nirvana, Unwound....

$8.00 - $10.00


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