Free First Fridays Featuring: Archbishops of Blount Street

Archbishops of Blount Street

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill's ONLY ska band, no matter what you heard.

Raleigh Public Record says,"this band is brass heavy and reminds me of a cross between Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes and the Pietasters. Bottom line – these guys are amazing." The Independent Weekly says, "Archbishops of Blount Street pay tribute to two-tone trailblazing." The Durham Herald – Sun calls Archbishops of Blount Street "people with a drive for the music and party." The Chapel Hill... News says Archbishops of Blount Street "give the day a great reggae/ska flavor."

Archbishops of Blount Street play ska music unlike anyone from Roanoke Rapids to Wilmington, from Greenville to Greensboro. There are ten guys in the band! We have five gentlemen who play fiery horns, five who sing like nightingales, five that lay down a rhythm on top of which only a corpse could keep still and the whole is even greater than the sum of our parts.

Blount (pronounced, 'blunt') Street is a downtown thoroughfare running north and south through Raleigh, North Carolina in the US of A. We named the band Archbishops of Blount Street to give listeners an idea of our geographic origin. Ska, the mother of reggae music, was born in Jamaica and traveled over its half-century of waxing and waning popularity to the rest of the globe. But ska retains its Jamaican sense of rhythm, instrumentation and baudiness.

For fans of: Pietasters, The Specials, English Beat



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