The Thang (EP Release), The Essex, Shwing!, Slim Francis

The Thang (EP Release)

Rockin' Funkin' and Crunkin' big band sound

The Essex

Brooklyn Power-Funk! The Essex is all about the mix of power and groove—the penetrating immediacy of their four-part horn lines delivered with raw rock intensity, and jazz-inspired improvisations whirling and weaving around swaggering hip-hop beats and deep funk. The Essex will soothe your soul and free your mind while you sweat it out on the dance floor.

The Renovering is a New York City based improvisational quartet featuring dual electric guitars, bass, and drums. Blending elements of classic rock, psychedelia and funk, Dorsia serves up concise, melodic compositions and sweeping, exploratory grooves.

Born out of Houston Street open jam sessions in the Fall of 2011, Dorsia has focused their attention on crafting flexible arrangements that lend themselves to live improvisation, yet can also stand on their own.

The band is currently refining their debut EP Release "Boundless" at their East Williamsburg studio location.

Slim Francis

Slim Francis is a hard-hitting blues/rock outfit from Brooklyn, New York whose hard-driving rhythms and raunchy guitar textures will move through you like a freight train on meth-amphetamines. The Brooklyn based band is led by Aric Carroll, an extraordinary songwriter and vocalist, whose eclectic guitar stylings and soulful vocals tell haunting tales of life and love in the big city. As a backdrop for Slim Francis’ guitar onslaught, Aric provides a steady pulse with his right foot on an oversized kick drum while bassist Jim Miades lays down thumping low-end grooves on his P-Bass, providing a trashy back beat with hi-hat and tambourine.

The Band has been building a loyal following in the U.K. and U.S. through a steady schedule of touring. On their most recent U.K. tour, the band sold out of their highly regarded “On With the Show” and “Everything Is Just Perfect” albums. To rave reviews, Slim Francis is currently touring in support of their latest and most rockin’ release yet, “Talk To Animals.”


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