Holy Grail

Straight up Heavy Metal from Pasadena, CA on Prosthetic Records.


Trials, a progressive thrash metal band from Chicago, Illinois, began as a recording project between vocalist/guitarist Mark Sugar and original drummer Sasha Horn. With few expectations, the duo cut a demo in late 2007. Much to their surprise, the music was met with an overwhelming response: thousands of online plays, offers to tour overseas, and industry contacts from all over the globe. At this point, the two wisely decided to assemble an actual band... ..Bassist and longtime associate Usha Rajbhandari was quickly brought into the lineup. The search for a guitarist, however, proved to be more difficult, until the solution came from an unexpected place: the East Coast. .. ..New Yorker Remy Walle only knew of Trials' existence from an audio engineering forum online, which Sugar also frequented. But when the Trials frontman casually announced his band's guitarist search on said forum, Walle immediately took interest."The first time I heard the song 'Praise,' I knew these guys were on to something, and I wanted to stop whatever I was doing and be a part of it,' says Walle. "He sounded far better than anyone we tried out locally, so we figured we had nothing to lose," Sugar adds. "He flew out here, slept on my futon, and after the first rehearsal, it was obvious that we had to convince him to move here.".. .. Walle's death metal influence complemented Sugar's thrashier upbringing and helped shape Trials' sound: a powerful, frantic, riff-first-ask-questions-later mix of influences like Death, Gojira, Strapping Young Lad, and Machine Head. .. ..Trials will release its full-length debut, "Witness To The Downfall," this year. Drum tracks were recorded with Chris Djuricic (Novembers Doom, Soil, Dirge Within) at Belle City Sound, and the rest of the recording was handled by Trials and engineer Chris Wolff. The album was mixed and mastered by Lasse Lammert (Alestorm, Stuck Mojo)... ..Soon after completing the album, drummer Sasha Horn parted ways with Trials and rejoined his former band, Novembers Doom. The band enlisted Adam Kopecky to take over the drum throne in late 2009... ..In early 2010, the band signed with United States management firm The Inner Light Agency. As Damon Moreno of iLA says, "These guys are the real deal, and the material on 'Witness To The Downfall' kicks ass. I'm very proud to be working alongside such outstanding talent."


Hailing from Chicago and the UK, CRUSADER is relatively new to the metal scene in Chicago, although they are all veterans of playing live music, having only been officially a band since spring of 2010. Tired of hearing run-of-the-mill corporate produced 'metal', CRUSADER decided to raise the flag and rally the troops to their banner.
Raised on classic rock, speed metal and thrash through to doom, and everything in between and beyond, CRUSADER proudly and unashamedly wear their influences on their sleeves.

Armored Assault

"Armored Assault is pure thrashing mayhem! Chugging bullet train of evil guitar riffs, ripping solos, breakneck tempos, and demonic shouting will keep you thrashing til death!"

If you really want to know, come to a show and ask me. I'll gladly tell you our tale over a pitcher of beer and a shot of crown. -Tommy-

$10.00 - $12.00


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