Jeremy Johnson of the Bleeding Keys

Jeremy Johnson of the Bleeding Keys

To classify this Indiana band merely as a group of musicians would be an oversimplification. More like chemists, band members mix the ingredients of folk, rock, blues and a pinch of hip-hop to electrify audiences with a compelling sound in a class all its own. A patchwork of influences gives their music a fresh, eclectic feel that is difficult to categorize but easy to experience. The band possesses a rare combination of infectious energy, passion and lyrical substance that keeps the crowd engaged and solidifies their title not only as polished musicians but also as entertainers.


A perfect balance of whiskey and coke. Raw passion and edgy delivery blended with sweet, smooth vocals and catchy hooks are reminiscent of a collaboration between the Foo Fighters and Jason Mraz.


While singer songwriter Jeremy Johnson spent four years in Alaska managing a small business, he was able to develop his songwriting skills away from the influence of the rat race. After picking up his first guitar it was clear that life's traditional avenues could not satisfy his creativity and there he found his first true outlet for the labor of life. He started performing in local venues and broadening his musical talents. But the 49th state couldn’t satisfy all of his ambitions, so he, along with his family, moved to Indiana, where he met the other three guys who now make up the 'bleedingkeys.' As a recently established band, Bleedingkeys are building momentum fast - already garnering some amazing opportunities and a respectable fan base in a short amount of time. The majority of the band's shows have been benefits/fundraisers. In keeping with their name, this band truly has a heart for helping others in any way possible.


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