Kyle Gass Band (from Tenacious D)

The man needs no introduction or explanation. One half of the mighty Tenacious D, Kyle Gass has literally made history, co-invented a genre, and created a substantial body of work over the years. He's played 100's upon 100's of shows across the globe, and has often been imitated by countless weekend warrior guitarists, tribute-band wannabees, and dorm-room drunks. The thing that they're all missing is KG's immense talent and perfect timing.. well, also no one can play the flute or recorder quite like him either.

The Kyle Gass Band came as a result of KG's desire to assemble his most talented group of musical friends and fill in some shows when Tenacious D has down time. The demise of Trainwreck in early 2011 created an opportunity to do a page-one- re-write on what Kyle wanted out of a side-project. And also what others would very likely want, which was more freakin' KG awesomeness and a killer flippin' band!

Tom Fuller Band

Tom Fuller Band “Kick ass and take names” – it’s a saying that they like to use in Chicago, the birthplace of the Tom Fuller Band, to describe how to get the job done. Not in an Al Capone way you understand. Although Tom’s grandmother did work for the notorious gangster. But rather by enlisting some of the biggest names in the music industry to produce Fuller’s third studio album Ask.

On first listen you can’t help but be decadently seduced by the voodoo drums of the opening track Lovers, hooked on the impossibly contagious title track Ask and carried away by the closing magical escapism of Garden Dreaming Days. Ask is an album that continually manages to surprise, challenge, captivate and inspire.

Tom Fuller is a maverick and a troubadour. He’s also the same guy who, as a kid buying his first Paul McCartney album, never imagined that he would wind up recording the new album with two of his band members, Abe Laboriel, Jr. and Brian Ray.

Produced by the studio maestro Rick Chudacoff, (Alison Krauss, Smokey Robinson), and mixed by Cenzo Townsend and Dave Bascombe (U2, Bon Jovi, Kaiser Chiefs), the widescreen cinematic vision of Fuller’s music continues to flourish, as was evident on his 2005 debut album Chasing An Illusion and 2009’s subsequent sophomore album Abstract Man.

After trailblazing a path across America, the addition of new band members, and recording in both LA and Chicago, comes this life affirming album that is at once emotional and engaging.

‘It’s been a one hell of a journey,” says Fuller. “The new album’s like a songbook that’s accompanied me all along the trail. Every track means so much to me. I think it’s my strongest collection of songs to date.”

Hailing from the Windy City, the Tom Fuller Band embodies the soul and creative energy of the city’s rich musical heritage – from Chicago’s finest rhythm and blues, through Cheap Trick to late period Wilco. The songs embrace Fuller’s distinctive blend of innovative melodies and chord structures, alongside lyrics that engage, uplift and resonate with passion and truth.

Tom Fuller – Guitar/Vocals
John Lewis – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Joel Masters – Bass Guitar
Ryan Veitch – keyboards/guitar
Jordan Kozer – Drums


Mawrcrest has embarked on a journey exploring new horizons in what defines an American band. What you will experience with this band is a century of popular music reinterpreted by the soul of a new generation, that is Mawrcrest.

"A celebrated windows down/spirit up road trip across the American musical backroads of blues, surf, rock n' roll and trad country. Pure truth." - Dave Hoekstra, Chicago Sun-Times music writer, Jan. 2011

"...sweet rock ‘n’ roll" - Eric Hughes of



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