Slum Village

When Slum Village emerged in the late 1990s, the highly regarded Detroit trio of T3, Baatin and Jay Dee made a startling admission: their group was a liquid association with members coming and going during the group's evolution. True to their word, Slum Village has already gone through a number of line-up changes.

Throughout the changes, Slum Village's musical mission has remained constant: to deliver soul-stirring sonics that represent Detroit to the fullest.

Slum Village represents the Midwest's funk heritage. They carry that legacy onward into the future. Slum Village always finds a way to reinvent themselves. At present, the evolution of Slum Village continues with a reinvigorated energy, with founding member T3 holding down the legacy , and grammy nominated producer Young RJ and Illa j, the young prodigy at his side. Slum Village has a new mixtape “Dirty Slums”, presented by DJ Mick Boogie, featuring artists such as Big Sean, Rapper Big Pooh, De La Soul, Focus, Skyzoo, Phonte, and Phife,after 100,000+downloads and rave reviews, the group released an official full length album and are planning on a sequel …As the industry changes, so has Slum Village, and yet and still while some think SV may have crashed and burned, they just keep coming up like the rising phoenix.

Combining complex metaphor, time travel, scintillating lyrical gymnastics, anime, radical politics and an apocryphal dystopian comic book aesthetic, Red Tide member and Florida MC BC, The Black Child, delivers his solo debut, the first of a three part conceptual album, “Time Pieces.”

You can find BC at,, Band Camp (, CD Baby (, and Sound Cloud (

The Rukus

The Rukus is a diverse crew of cats from all over the country. Currently, emcees KeithElite and Rude are recording tracks, rockin shows with DJ Mike Blenda, and reppin for the crew in Tampa, FL. Both Keith and Rude grew up in military families and have been a crew since high school when they lived overseas in Okinawa, Japan. Being military kids, moving around all the time, and living overseas opened their eyes to a lot of different things that have influenced their music and lives beyond explanation. After leaving Japan, they linked back up in Tampa with DJ Blenda, who had been consistently DJ'ing gigs all over Florida for many years. The trio has created a solid foundation together in the Tampa music scene since 2005 . The Rukus is also part of Gwan Massive, a collection of emcees, DJ's, bands, and artists, all sharing a similar vision on creativity and expression. They have been featured in local papers, The Tampa Bay Times and Creative Loafing on numerous occasions over the years, gaining notoriety for their sound and energetic live performances.

Project: Save C.A. Hircus

project: SAVE c.a. hircus is a hip-hop group from Dunedin, FL (Tampa Bay Area). In 2012, they ran for Pinellas County Sheriff. They did not win...

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