Possessed by Paul James

Possessed by Paul James

"His musical style can only be described as insanely invigorating. Audiences have witnessed him exercise his skill, which has been known to enchant and captivate, throwing all present individuals into fevered states of ecstatic jubilation. This guy is a master of the fiddle, guitar and banjo; he sings about life issues ranging from love and sexuality to demons, God, salvation and desperation, all performed with the same invigorating passion as he stomps his foot during each song for amplified percussive effect. When Wert is on stage, you will feel singled out among a room of enthused bystanders, as if he is speaking to you alone for the distinct purpose of mesmerizing your mind." -J. Payne DT Weekend 2008

"One-man band Konrad Wert grew up in a Mennonite family, raised by preacher father and a piano player mother, which accounts for both the baptized-in-fire-soul and musical versatility heard in his gritty Old World music. Wert's mix of blues and vintage folk howls with a sense of explosive freedom and latent rage-not unlike an Amish kid emerging from the wilderness to discover America -that instills his simple guitar/fiddle/stomp-box arrangements with unusual passion." - The Onion 2007

Delaney Davidson

Delaney Davidson; born Auckland, Northern Island of New Zealand, 1972, age 0. Shipped down to Christchurch in a shoe box at 5 months old after seeing the Rolling Stones play at 2 months old. Voted "Biggest Dreamer" in primary school, and asked to leave Special Dreamers School after being suspended four times at the ripe old age of 14. Left New Zealand and migrated over the ditch to Australia to fail last year of school. Moved back to New Zealand and began his career in the Catering Industry, with training at the Rangiora Training Prison (R.T.P.), learnt to drink Whisky, and was fired from his first job as 2nd chef for urinating on the bar. Moved back to Australia after this eventful year, and started playing music in Bars. "Doghouse" with Nique Needles, Stu Thomas and Mark Di Marzio, soon morphed into the Groundbreaking Band "the Brass Bed". 2002 found him married and living in Bern Switzerland, where he met with "the Dead Brothers" and signed up. After enjoying the various successes of being a Voodoo Rhythm Artist and other projects (Delemmis Caravan Basement Band, the OTIACS, and Alpine Cretins) aswell as 7 years of swiss life, Delaney now spends three months of the year in his homeland of New Zealand and the rest touring. He has twice had to re-issue his first solo album "Rough Diamond" (out on Stink Magnetic Records) and has sold out of his self released second album "Ghost Songs". He tours Solo with his Phantom Band, and has toured and played with "the Mysterious Tapeman", "the Reverend Beatman",

Broken Spirits

Not long ago, the good Reverend and his friend and musical cohort Brother Al began playing some primitive rock 'n' roll in the basement at a local house party. Fast forward one year to a rehearsal space in Lausanne, Switzerland...we drank a few beers and played again for a few friends. When we had some spare time a few months later, a call was made to the Reverend's old friend, a Mr. Bobby Jamison, inviting him to come and drop some bottom end on the whole thing. Things started sounding pretty SPOOKY, maybe even GROOVY, some songs were kinda written, and they knew they just had to SHAKE YOU.

Blood Lines

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