AmeriGo-Go, Treatment, Electric People, Bob & Martha


AmeriGo-Go began playing together when their drummer Teddy "The Animal" Lytle discovered the process of resurrection while experimenting on Dodo eggs. Sean "Madman" Surdovel, while busy selling mad-space to myspace, called up his childhood friend to discover that he had mathematically proved the existence of AmeriGod-God on a roll of toilet paper. To Sean’s surprise, he had accidentally written ten numbers at the end of his theorum, which was the cell phone number Matt “The Professor” Robbins. Frantically grabbing the nearest megaphone, Sean shouted into the cell-walls of his apartment to reach Matt.
Matt picked up the call on his AmeriCell-Cell and transposed it into 19 tone music which he then taught to a colony of termintes who were living in his Breuklen apartment. The termintes chewed lyrics to the first song “Let Love Lead the Way” into the wood siding of his flat, causing it to collapse under the heavy message that had consumed its very foundations.
Nathan "2Cool4School" Windsor was busy in the nursing home singing all five verses of Cole Porter’s “You’re the Top” when he heard the apartment collapse and jumped into the nearest taxi cab, which was driven by a certain Mr. Andrew “The Russian Turkey” Prudnikov. Fate had dealt the cards all kings with no hearts, for the suicide jacks had stolen the crown.
The quintet took the field and has been jamming up the airways with tunes like “Let Love Lead the Way” “Brooklyn Girl” and “If you’re still reading this, we love you.... but we are very concerned about what you spend your day really doing"... also "Dance Pants"


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