HATED: The Music of G.G. Allin

Features members of ANTiSEEN, Biggy Stardust & his Wretched Hive and the Self Made Monsters. They performed for the first time together back in June on the 20th anniversary of the death of the REAL rock 'n' roll madman GG ALLIN. They will be playing a set of songs that span GG's career.

The Beatdowns

The Beatdowns are an Oi! band formed out of North Carolina in 1997. They did a shit ton of shows, put out some demos and recorded an album that will never see the light of day, as well changed lineups more times than the UK Subs ever dreamed of! BUT.....now, they're back with a stable lineup and are writing new songs and once again booking shows!

No Anger Control

"You must not be paying attention, so it's time for an intervention! Time to dig ourselves out of this hole. It's time for NO ANGER CONTROL!!!"

No Anger Control Came together in the summer of 2012. Jason and Levi had come from carcass of When it Hits and John, who is in SouthSide Punx, wanted to play even more drums. A few songs and a couple gigs found Tiff (former BAMFs) auditioning for a shot at lead vocals. The band wasn't even sure they wanted a vocalist-only. The final audition was a live gig performance and the deal was sealed with the presentation of the NAC koozie!



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