They said it could never happen, but Turbonegro – the world's biggest underground rock'n'roll band – are back. Like a Japanese salaryman rubbing himself up against you on a busy Tokyo commuter train, the Norwegian-five piece are bringing Sexual Harassment into your life with their ninth studio album, released through Universal and Volcom Entertainment on 13 July. Write about what you know, they say – and who knows more about Sexual Harassment – both giving and receiving – than Oslo's kings of Deathpunk™.

The infectious new single You Give Me Worms has already announced the glorious return of the men in denim. And now Sexual Harassment unleashes the sound of five men locked in a room for a fortnight, and nature taking its sweaty, sultry course. The sense of good times is dripping from every song, and the result is a truly great Turbonegro record that marks the start of a new era. It's the old band, it's a new band - sounding bigger, mightier and hairier than ever!

The ten songs, recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York, showcase their roots in hardcore punk and 1980s alternative music, as well as the thrift-store riffs of The Stooges and The Stones, platform-booted glitter rock, and spectacular bubblegum radio music of any era - all executed with an attitude that's unmistakably Turbonegro. But thanks to additions of the human dynamo that is drummer Tommy Manboy (formerly of Serena Maneesh and Silver, and a long-time resident of the Deathpunk Road, working as Turbonegro's drum and guitar tech for a decade), and the refined, gentlemanly growl of singer Tony Sylvester, former frontman of beloved British scum rockers the Dukes of Nothing (from whom he has taken his Turbo appelation), this is a lineup with both eyes firmly on the future.

As Euroboy, Turbo's lord of the riff, says: “Being in a good rock band is unbeatable, and thanks to Tony we can do it with pride and dignity. To me, he sounds like Lemmy traveling in first class. We recorded this album as five friends together on the studio floor, everyone liking each other and the music, and it hasn't been like that for over a decade. i think the sense of good times is dripping from every song.”

With over a million albums sold worldwide, and over 2,600 Turbojugend chapters established across the globe, the public were never going to let Turbonegro gather dust on the shelf – and Sexual Harrassment is the album they've been demanding. It's a short, sharp shock – and reveals the dizzying pace this new lineup operates at. A mere six months after Tony, the former President of Turbojugend London (and therefore no stranger to the cause), was first enlisted, the fruit of their labours – clocking in at just 32 minutes – is ready to be unleashed.

But don't worry if you're thinking such a brief encounter will leave you feeling unsatisfied. After all, that's almost as long as Group Sex and Meet the Beatles combined. A Circle Jerk with the Fab Four? When Turbonegro are in Sexual Harassment mode, anything can happen …

Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel’s first two records were easy-riders — swaggering, barebones blues-rock beamed directly from the late ’60s to soundtrack sexual conquests and parking lot cruising. The next one might be too, but in bassist Pat Reed’s eyes, Get Pure is first and foremost an angry record.

Reed’s brother Matt, the band’s formidable guitarist, explained: “You know how you get that feeling where you hate yourself and you want to be somebody else? It’s kind of like that, like rage against — like raging into that.”

Get Pure isn’t recorded yet, but it already reflects some significant changes. Mount Carmel will spend more than one day in the studio. The album is coming out this year on a label they can’t reveal yet rather than their former label, Siltbreeze. It’ll have at least one acoustic song and some slow jams.

“There’s no record that’s come out of Columbus, Ohio, that’s ever sounded like this record, I don’t think,” Matt Reed said. “And there never will be.”
The band's first album since their 2010 self-titled release, Real Women makes you want to put on your bell-bottomed jeans, grow your hair out and part it down the middle like any good, rock-loving white person of your parents' generation. Take a trip back in time without all the hassle of accidentally having sex with your mom/dad by checking out the new album, lighting some incense and partaking in your libation of choice.



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