Cobraconda w/ Will Da Beast, Yonnas Abraham, DJ Largechild, the Broadway, Pushing Up Daisies, Turner Jackson

Fresh back from rocking shows in NYC, Cobraconda is back in their home, the 303, and has the fresh taste of blood in their mouths. Members Spencer Foreman and Graham Nation have shed there inhibitions and are ready to bare it all. Whether they're rocking out your party with ass-shaking DJ sets or a blown out concert with
their very own brand of rap, you're in for it. With pounding electro-beats, swagged out raps and shredding guitar riffs, Cobraconda is an
experience that has the familiarity of your own bed with the excitement of actually having someone else in it.


WillDaBeast, a founding member of the legendary Catalysts, is an animal both on and off the mic. Whether kickin it in a cypher or playin with hip-hop pioneers such as Souls of Mischief, 2Live Crew, or Naughty by Nature, DaBeast ensures an entertaining show. Known for his quick whitty delivery and loud personality Will is a dominating force in the Denver hip-hop scene. "The Cadillac of rap, go ahead and try to battle this."


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