Certified Dope Presents: Luminox

Certified Dope Presents: Luminox

In just a few months’ time, Luminox’s adrenaline-fueled club hip-hop sound has earned him thousands of fans all over the world, as well as recognition amongst some of dance music’s most elite producers and DJ’s. His remixes and originals have rocked festivals and set the standard for everyone attempting to fuse EDM and hip-hop together.

Cutz in Cuts

For over 2 years this trio of turntablists have been holding down the city of Chicago with their weekly internet program dedicated to laying the hottest cutz on wax. With as much cred as skills, Moppy + Rice the Sound Transmitter & Shazam Bangles are at the forefront of Chicago;s music scene.

Molly Bass

Florida born and Chicago drawn, Molly Bass comes from a background full of hardcore sounds and high energy. Molly Bass has experienced multiple electronic scenes but has succumbed to the 808's of Juke drums and high hats.


Dressed in all black, Vader rarely approaches the turntables with compassion; when Vader take the stage he's looking to annihilate the crowds. A dark and powerful force has consumed this Dj and his sets and has force him to becoming on of the baddest men in the entire galaxy.

$8.00 - $12.00


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