You, Me, and Everyone We Know

You, Me, and Everyone We Know

How did we get here?" is the question that seems to be most heavily weighing on the collective mind of You, Me, and Everyone We Know in these last few months. After all, their decision to head into the studio to record a follow up to their 2006 release Party For The Grown and Sexy wasn't one made months in advance with the utmost of care and planning; It was instead brought on by a van fire that destroyed most of their possessions and the place they had come to call home. In the year leading up to this event, You, Me, and Everyone We Know, comprised of Ben Liebsch, Rico Vigil, Aaron Stern (formerly of Matchbook Romance), and Noel Milford, took the stage at South By Southwest, Bamboozle, Warped Tour and supported tours for such acts as I Am The Avalanche, The Dear Hunter, Four Year Strong, Just Surrender, Every Avenue, Sing it Loud, and The Color Fred just to name a few. Their 8 song EP, Party for the Grown and Sexy, was released for free in January; quickly reaching nearly 30,000 downloads, and has been widely acclaimed by artists, industry and fans alike.

The Orphan, The Poet

The idea of a "music scene" is one that is lost on The Orphan, The Poet. Developing their craft in rural southern Ohio, the members of this 4-piece indie rock outfit founded their group on a musical island—not a single band or venue in nearly 100 miles.

Squid The Whale

n just over a year this 4 piece progressive pop band SQUID THE WHALE, has taken over your headphones, cities and respect... but they're just getting started. In an industry where musicianship is all but forgotten, Squid the Whale remind you, talent matters. Their newest EP, "new war.", takes you through stories filled with honest lyrics and raw emotion. The powerful yet smooth vocals are wonderfully complimented by savvy instrumentals that stray from the expected. SQUID THE WHALE has the passion, sound and drive to inevitably break through. This is exactly what music needs.

Lights Out Dancing

Created in May of 2007, Lights Out Dancing is a Pop Rock n’ Power Roll group out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The newly formed band knew they were ready to make their music their life. In August of 2007 the band independently released their first record; a five song EP entitled “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”. The album was recorded with help of producer Jordan Schmidt and mastered at Sterling Sound in New York. After heavy independent touring, and promotion such as following the Vans Warped Tour, the record became a great success, selling over 17,000 copies.

In August 2009 the band teamed up with Rob Freeman to create their second album. With high expectations for the second EP, the band is set to work harder than ever to make “Ever the Optimist” an even greater success. Following the release of the new record Lights Out Dancing received features from and both Alternative Press and Substream Magazines. The band was also chosen in the top 20 unsigned bands of 2009 by and in the top 10 by

In the late 2010, in reaction to the bands success and constant touring, they parted ways with one of their guitarists and Lights Out Dancing was forced to on undergo a member change. As a result, local guitar player Mark Boe was added to the lineup, bringing his own edge to their rhythmic style. Having prior musical background and tour experience he was more than eager to join on and bring his unique abilities and markets to the table.

Noted for a highly energetic and entertaining live show, Lights Out Dancing is making a name for themselves around the country with their heavy touring schedule. They are a lighthearted band always looking for a good time that can still take their art seriously. As a result they are constantly finding new ways to keep their music and band fresh and inspiring. Guitarist Mike Haase sums it up by saying “We are five best friends who love what we do and always do our best at it. It’s like we always say ‘We take having fun way too seriously.’”

LIttle Time Off

Little Time Off is an emerging Pop/Punk band from Minneapolis, MN. Their fast paced, vocal driven, hard hitting, fizzy songs, coupled with their exciting live sets make for an awesome experience that shows a promise for the future.

Fueled by a big dream and a guitar, Little Time Off began in Zay Cram's basement in 2007. It was a DIY project that slowly but surely panned out into a newly developed LLC Business. Mixing together a group of 4 hard working passionate dudes, Little Time Off is guaranteed to turn you on.

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