Against the Plagues, Morgue Supplier, Sons of Famine, Narcotic

Against the Plagues

Modern extreme metal featuring former members of Vader, Malevolent Creation, Behemoth, Forest of Impaled, and Damnation.

Extreme Metal presenting cautionary tales that explore the violent and corrupt nature of humanity's past and future.

Morgue Supplier

Death Metal / Grindcore

"No gimmicky, trendy bullshit here.. Just pure, from the soul, intensity rendered at an expert level."

Sons of Famine

SONS OF FAMINE emerged from the razor-winds and salty streets of Chicago, during the season of frost in 2012. Embracing the path of lawlessness, they secrete the sounds of chaos, blackness, and death, without bowing to rules of genre or typical structure.

Although conception is fairly recent, it's founders have kept the fires of extreme music burning for years as current/ex/session members of CorpseVomit, Yakuza, Kommandant, Nachtmystium, Lividity,
Gigan, and Cum Christ.

Their music is for fans of chaos, death, and the extreme way of life!


Narcotic is an old school death metal band from Chicago, Illinois in the United States.
Narcotic came into being after complete strangers met and jammed together in the blistering heat of August of 2012. Founding members Dave, Kyle, Jason, and Pat agreed to continue working together. Hence, Narcotic was born. Despite challenges that would break up most new bands, Narcotic survived and persevered through the difficulties and is ever stronger because the band overcame those challenges. Narcotic strives to produce, and showcase, the very best of old school death metal while adding unique twists based upon individual band member influences.



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