No Age

No Age are a 2 piece punk/experimental band from Los Angeles, California. Dean Spunt (Vocal, Drums) & Randy Randall (Guitar) have released 3 LP’s on Sub Pop Records (US) and 1 collection of singles on Fat Cat (UK). They write and perform loud, fast, dreamy, noisy, cathartic songs that make you want to jump out of your skin and melt into the floor. After recording/writing/touring for over 10 years, Spunt and Randall have matured into elder statesmen of the Los Angeles art/pop/weirdo scene centered around the all ages venue The Smell that has spawned bands like: Ty Segall, HEALTH, Bleached, Best Coast, and Cherry Glazer.

Perfume River

D-Beat assault unit based out of Philadelphia. First show ever.

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