The Spyrals

The Spyrals

"This quartet sounds as if they're floating through the cosmos. The Spyrals play 12-string psychedelic rock with heavy effects. They combine the raw energy of the Stooges with the melodic shoegaze of My Bloody Valentine. It's a fiery ride through its turbulent melodies."

-Michelle Broder Van Dyke, SF Gate

Deep Space

Deep Space was created in the mystical wee hours of acid trips and seances within the desert lands of Austin TX. Women moan & men scream but there's no sound to be found out here in Deep Space.

Disappearing People

Disappearing People are a new two-piece lo-fi group out of Oakland comprised of drummer Landon Monroe Bates and vocalist/guitarist Scott Travis Johnston (Moccretro). The duo have just put out their first cassette release Dissolve which was self-recorded and then mastered by Greg Ashley (of Gris Gris).

Al Lover (Live Beat Set)

Sample based stuff, mostly brought on by heavy rhythm and blues influence in all it's bastardized forms with strange effects for drug consumption.

DJ Darragh 'the wobbler' Skelton



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