The Reflections

The Reflections

The Reflections were born when Darian Zahedi and Jon Safley began collaborating together in early 2012, often sending ideas back and forth while on the road with other projects. They spent the better part of Spring 2012 recording an album's worth of songs at Brightstreet Recorders with producer/engineer, Kenny Woods (Jenny Lewis, Lykke Li, Vampire Weekend). Lauded by the likes of Impose, Spinner, Filter and NME for their hypnotic blend of chugging base lines and cool indie pop, The Reflections are prepping for the release of their debut LP, Limerence later this year.

Clear Plastic

Los Angeles and San Francisco fused female trio, Clear Plastic has climbed out of their action figure boxes to bring west coast a refreshing reminder how it's done. The three fantasy leads, Micayla Grace (Leopold And His Fiction, Only You), Cecilia Della Peruti (Gothic Tropic, Rumspringa), and Lia Braswell (Le Butcherettes, Therapies Son) flash their raw talent through marvelously composed songwriting and performance. Grace, hailing from San Francisco, picks up her handmade clear plastic bass (which inspired the name) and sways with her driving rhythm and writing, while Della Peruti compliments her grooves with distinctive haunting leads, helping their signature sound. Braswell launches the group with her heavy beats and explores the melodic potential of every rhythm. Together they form a catchy, poly-rhythmic style that recalls elements of The Talking Heads, and The Police, while head-banging to the likes of The Runaways, and Stevie Nicks. All wailing in harmony, they formalize a new cathartic experience for everyone. Keep up on this power force as they release their debut EP featuring their new single “Tethered Body"

Fever the Ghost

In their very brief existence, Fever The Ghost have already made quite an impression with their uncanny, spectacular live performances, quickly becoming the one band on the tip of everyone’s tongues within LA’s Silverlake/Echo Park scene. While Fever The Ghost’s grandiose rush on the senses dependably transports audiences into their strange universe, what’s even more remarkable is how fully-formed their sophisticated sound arrives, cleverly weaving addictive hooks into their forward-thinking psych-pop pastiche. Fever The Ghost’s songs have that rare quality where you can go home humming them after hearing the band live just once with melodies that linger in the mind.

On their adventurous debut EP Crab In Honey, Fever The Ghost not only delivers on that promise but also ups the ante on this expertly-crafted collection of interstellar pop with surprises lurking around every corner. Clocking in just under 20 minutes, Crab in Honey manages to pack in the ideas covering a wide range of sonic terrain, while never drifting too far from their melodic center. Easy to get into with inviting hooks, Crab In Honey grows more complex and deep with each successive listen.

A tight shuffling groove patiently pushes along the rocking skyward opener “Calico” as singer/guitarist Casper delivers his vocal with a catchy, yet understated cool. Riding a tasteful disco strut, “Source” makes the most of the linear structure with bouncy verses, deceivingly complex synth-work, and a very sticky chorus. The EP’s second half haunts on the darker yet dreamy title track “Crab In Honey” and the ethereal EP closer “We’ll Never Know The Place” introduces a change of instrumentation and breathtaking vocal arrangements to keep us guessing, leaving us eager to hear what comes next.

Mastered by Bob Ludwig (David Bowie, Nirvana, Radiohead), Crab In Honey EP will be out January 21st on Complicated Game.


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