The Copyrights

The Copyrights

Well, Carbondale Illinois has been known to produce some things of note. No, seriously. There are the Salukis of Southern Illinois University, which are…um…. I don't know, dogs maybe? Anyway, they've got a strip club with a (no shit) all-you-can-eat McDonalds cheeseburger Saturday morning buffet. They've got a college which itself is responsible for the repopulating of Carbondale through unwanted pregnancies brought on by drunken mega-Salukis (which in this context will mean block-wide keg parties). And they've got a much-loved, oft-overlooked group of four dudes who call themselves The Copyrights. The Copyrights have been bangin' away since 1982, cruisin' the highways and byways of this great nation in a bunch of crappy vans and putting out records with nothing but the love of the game and a few dozen Big Macs apiece each Saturday morning to keep them going. Well, all that's about to change with the worldwide release of Learn The Hard Way, their second album for Red Scare and best effort to date. Watch out Champaign! Looks like a little town down south is gunning for your "only-good-music-to-come-out-of-Illinois-besides-Chicago' title, and the weapon they are using is Learn The Hard Way. It might not be pretty lookin', but it sure sounds that way.

Pop Punk is the name of the game here and Learn The Hard Way is indeed the Rawlins of pop punk. Oh, that didn't make any sense? Uh…Rawlins makes balls for games, dummy. Sheeesh! Okay then wise-ass, did you know that for their last record The Copyrights enlisted legendary producer and fellow Illinoisan Matt Allison of Alkaline Trio, Lawrence Arms and Material Issue fame to produce Make Sound in his Atlas Studios Compound in Chicago? Did you know that in the ten days that they spent in the studio that over twenty-nine cases of beer were dismantled, consumed, and pissed away? Did you know that they followed the aforementioned breakout release with a self-produced masterpiece by the name of Learn The Hard Way? All true! Taking the exoskeleton of a sound pioneered by the Ramones and honed by Screeching Weasel, and giving it a modern urgency while maintaining a sense of a proud, drunken tradition; The Copyrights are ushering in the third wave of pop punk with this beautiful slab of wax (or beautiful 2MB of digital torrent sharing, whatever). Not that they'd ever say that. This is just colleague-to-colleague stuff, from one music journalist to another. I'm just saying it to you so you can say it about them, so they can read it in some review while sitting in their van on tour and think you listened to their record.

And you should listen to the record, because it's packed with awesome songs about killing your boss and hating your fucked up iconoclastic lot in life and all the shit that makes good urgent punk music good and urgent. And you should go see them live because if I were the kind of douchebag who was out of touch enough to use the term "chops" to describe a band's skills, I'd say something like, "these guys have honed their impressive chops extensively touring, cranking out one of the most consistently dick-kicking live shows out there, and with the release of Make Sound they're showing no signs of slowing down." Anyway, this year they're hitting the road with Teenage Bottlerocket, with The Lawrence Arms, with your mom, with anyone who will have them for crissakes! Wouldn't you wanna be on tour all the time if you lived in Carbondale? Of course you would. See, this shit is speaking right to you! My job here is done (and probably newly vacant too after this bio). Good night!

"Brainless God" is a 12-song horror story brought to you by some not-so-brainless Milwaukee punks. Direct Hit! (henceforth known as The Four Horsemen of Pop Punk) have been tearing up basements and house gigs with their searing live show for a couple years now, and we knew it was time to include them in the Red Scare ranks. Turns out they had an album already written full of frantic hooks and songs that mock The Almighty? Ummm, yes please! Then we enlisted All-American Rejects guitarist and audio maven Mike Kennerty to ensure these 12 apocalyptic episodes were captured properly on tape. This album came out sounding so good you'd almost think Direct Hit! made a pact with Old Scratch himself. Does that mean we have to pay him royalties too?!?

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Mike Bell & (and) the Movies is a power pop band from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. We sometimes get compared to other bands but make no mistake we are the real deal. Our band plays concerts in all different venues and we even tour across the country. We are all nice musicians and work hard to give you the music that you love.



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