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The BINARY code

The Binary Code has been an undiminished musical syndicate since April of 2004. Blossoming into a matured group with a high prescience aiming to bring music to the current underground scene that brings about a breath of fresh air to many listeners. It has been a goal for the Binary Code to play music solely for the purpose of being able to convey each individual member's passion and expression.

We have had the pleasure of recording with amazingly talented engineers such as Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Into the Moat, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Soilent Green, Hate Eternal), Jesse Cannon (A Static Lullaby, Dillinger Escape Plan, Head Automatica, Say Anything), Steve Austin (Converge, Lamb of God, Today is the Day, Circle of Dead Children), Jayson Dezuzio (Number Twelve Looks Like You, Sawtooth Grin, Coheed and Cambria), and our favorite studio friend ever, Paulie @ Uncle Paulie Productions.

Tiger Flowers

Those familiar with New York City's Tiger Flowers know that they build upon the darkest metallic hardcore vibes of bands like Deadguy and Kiss It Goodbye, and that frontman Jesse Madre's intensity and sincerity are unmatched - and that all this is oddly-yet-perfectly balanced by the fact that Madre riffs like a stand-up comedian onstage and that the band cite early Motley Crue as a key inspiration. A staple of the New York scene, possessing a storied live show that has been described as both a tribal ceremony and a keg party gone wrong, Tiger Flowers have released one self-titled EP to date and are currently at work on their debut full-length album with producer Elliot Geller (Malignancy, Dim Mak) and mastering engineer Shane Frisby (Turmoil, Revocation). There is no label confirmed to release the album as of yet.

BrooklynVegan have described Tiger Flowers with these words: "The band take influence from elders who pushed the genre into new directions, like Deadguy, Converge, and Rorschach, and add in metal influences rooted in hardcore like Unsane... What emerges is a cocktail of furious hardcore interjected with chaotic blasts of screaming feedback, time changes, doomy riffs and most importantly, delivered with tons of live energy."

MetalSucks called Tiger Flowers' 2011 debut EP, "one of the most original and arresting releases of the year". The 'Flowers have yet to release any new material since that acclaimed EP, making it all the more exciting that the band are at work now on a new album. Stay tuned for more details.


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