#1 Kid

#1 Kid is a lovely group of gents who play the chamber- bounce, bathroom dance music of Adam Dotson. An offshoot of the indie pop/ afro-beat group Rubblebucket, #1 Kid is in its first year of life and has recently released their debut recording; an EP called Boytones produced by #1 Kid/Rubblebucket guitarist Ian Hersey. It has been called "provocative" and "cute" and "fun". Also "sick". "Great music to dance to or go to the bathroom to!"

Star Rover

Grunge-pop? Alternative-pop?

They write about their g-g-g-generation mostly but hope to exhilarate and arrest with lyrics and stupid guitars.


Mrs. Adam Schatz

Adam Schatz makes music because he loves it. His band Landlady released their second album "Upright Behavior" in July on the Hometapes label and people seem to really like it. He performs alone as Mrs. Adam Schatz and also in the bands Father Figures, Man Man and others sometimes. He's been writing about music for The Talkhouse and would like to write more. He wrote this in the third person.


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