Zo! (The Foreign Exchange Music), Deborah Bond

Zo! (The Foreign Exchange Music)

Multi-Instrumentalist/Producer Zo! is Detroit-area born and raised Lorenzo Ferguson. Music was always present in and around the Ferguson house, which led to Zo! taking piano lessons at age 6… which he absolutely despised. The idea of working toward a Major League Baseball career served as the greatest inspiration through his teenage years much more so than the concept of practicing music. After his parents consistently pushed and encouraged him to stick with music, Zo! discovered a newfound passion by teaching himself how to play piano by ear by age 11. Zo! got his production start in 1992 when his parents brought home a Proteus MPS keyboard and a Brother PDC100 sequencer for him to figure out. Since then, he has emphasized the use of live instrumentation as the blueprint for his music while constantly looking to expand his sound with each album release.

Deborah Bond

A self-proclaimed "people watcher, dreamer and lover of philosophy", Debórah Bond (pronounced De-BOR-rah) credits Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, and Sade as the roots which shaped her sound. Her unique and "eclectic mix of R&B, funk and British soul" receives accolades from fans and critics worldwide. The debut album "DayAfter", and the remix album "AfterDay", established Deborah Bond's reputation as both a deeply sensitive, spiritual, sincere artist and a funky diva with captivating stage presence. (Check out the video for the single"See You In My Dreams", currently on heavy rotation on VH1 Soul) Propelled by an ever growing cult following Debórah Bond has shared the stage with many of the hottest acts in soul music including: Rahsaan Patterson, Eric Roberson, Yahzarah, Sy Smith, Gordon Chambers, Floetry, Kem, Kindred the Family Soul, Raheem DeVaughn, Mint Condition, Angela Johnson, Julie Dexter, Goapele, Wayna, Ann Nesby, Elisabeth Withers, Ronny Jordan, Ledisi, Frank McComb and Fertile Ground.

Lady Alma

For nearly two decades, Alma “Lady Alma” Horton has given the Philly music scene its soul chord, with a timbre whose notes resonate deeper than a Percy Heath bass riff, powerful enough to even overrun thunder. She has stood as a standard bearer that kicked house grooves into high gear, infused new rhythms into R&B and rivaled the angels in her gospel renditions, performed across the globe. And that’s just her singing. Her arsenal brims with composition, piano and arrangement skills, too.

King Britt, the globetrotting DJ and producer, first “discovered” Horton in the ‘90s on Silk City’s dance floor, where he heard her out-singing the record he was spinning. He knew she had to be part of his Sylk 130 collective, performing on 1998’s acclaimed When the Funk Hits the Fan LP, which went on to gold-certified sales. Since then, Horton has stayed busy, providing guest vocals on tracks by English outfit 4Hero, Fanatix, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Silhouette Brown and Philly’s own soul duo Kindred the Family Soul.

“Any listener cannot deny pure, unfiltered vocals, and that’s first and foremost. That’s what you get when you hear Alma: pure energy,” says Britt. “She is right up there with Chaka Khan and Aretha Franklin when it comes to making each audience member feel like she is singing only to them. There is never any ego.”

Horton's followers have always been a fierce band of believers, whether in Philadelphia or Bangkok. Eventually, they say, the rest of the world will catch up and catch on to the magic that is Lady Alma.

“Over the years, her identity as an artist has become more and more solidified, creatively, where she’s coming from," says Aja Graydon Dantzler, the wife half of Kindred. "She just really has a lot of energy about her. But she’s still Philly. She still keeps it really, really real.”

Ursula Rucker

Ursula Rucker is a Philadelphia born poet, mother, activist and recording artist. She has been performing, recording and releasing works for over 17 years. Ursula has traveled and toured extensively, throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa…sharing her poetry…her heart and soul. She is dedicated to art as/for social change…and committed to freedom fighting, truth-telling and peace-(and a little trouble 😉 making through her chosen art form.

To date, Ursula has released five solo albums (Supa Sista, Silver or Lead, ma’at mama, Ruckus Soundsysdom, SHE SAID)…as well as collaborated on over 50 songs, in a wide array of musical genres, with producers/artists from around the world (such as King Britt, Bahamadia, The Roots, 4 Hero, Jazzanova, Louis Vega, Incognito).

Ursula was awarded both the Leeway Foundation’s Art for Change & Transformation Awards. She is the feature of a documentary short called POET. And currently, she has just completed her first book, Drown the Devil…a collaborative project of poems and photos dedicated to New Orleans with Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, Clarence Williams.

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