Allison's Invention, Matthew Kiss, The Locksmiths

Allison's Invention

Fearless honesty, poignant lyricism and powerful melodies are the textures used to weave Allison Invention's (formerly Allison Tartalia) unforgettable music. Compelling and expressive performances have charmed and thrilled audiences throughout the country. Allison's Invention's new adult-alternative project, "Sweet and Vicious," is a lush melodramatic pop EP. The songs feature Allison on piano and a variety of vintage keyboards. Strings and horns help to create the atmospheric soundscape. A staple on the New York music scene, this Astoria based artist is no stranger to accolades and applause. Allison was recently nominated for an Emmy alongside fellow composers for the music that they created for the documentary 5,000 Miles From Home.

Matthew Kiss

Raised on love and the waves of the sea, Rockaway, Queens musician Matthew Kisilenko, known by his fans as Matthew Kiss, is consumed by his love for music and consequently has the fervor of a man with the gravest of illnesses, to share this passion with you.

Born on the shores of New York, musicality has been enriched into Kiss' Russian-bred veins from his youth. His mother, a pianist, led Kiss' fingers to keys at the age of three, infusing him with a lasting sensation of musical zeal, which ultimately led him to pick up the guitar at the manly Judaic age of 13. Strumming along to the great influences of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page eventually drove him to create his own poetry, which was in full swing by age 16. He was songwriting by 17, and at the age of 20, continues to consume every crevice of his existence.

The current day influences of Justin Nozuka, the Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Damien Rice, and Jason Mraz, have Kiss compulsively evolving as an artist. Swimming in the brilliance of the sounds around him, the impulses of creativity come to him as essentially as water to life.

Floating in the trials of humanity, which revolve themselves around the beauty of nature, Kiss' music reflects upon the simplistic complications of human emotions. Therapeutic in being, he pushes the limits of sound and originality, flooding the strings of life completely.

As natural as his stage presence is, the boldness in Kiss' voice calls forth for immediate attention. Flirtatiously boyish, while maintaining a stern cool, there is an magnetic draw to his voice. "It's almost as if he's singing to just you," one fan points out.

The elements to Kiss' individuality act as a throwback to an era that once prized itself on authenticity, originality, depth, dedication, and most importantly, passion. Kiss' veins run thickly with each, in which his music unquestionably revels.

The Locksmiths

The Locksmiths are an alt.folk/ band delivering lavish harmonies mixed with sharp lyrical content.


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