In the summer of 2010, Superhumanoids was birthed under the hazy air and bright blue skies of Los Angeles. A fascination for electronic sounds, instruments, pedals, and more, aesthetically united Max, Sarah, and Cameron. Like a petri dish growing each day, the band spent their time together intertwining and experimenting with their R&B upbringings and love for pop music. Bartered studio time, extensive touring, and the release of two EPs set the stage for what was to come and in the fall of 2011 these forces coalesced to create Exhibitionists.

Exhibitionists is the soundtrack to the last moments of dusk in LA. With swooning guitars, glimmering air, soaring melodies, the setting sun, and melting keyboards, something about the whole thing makes your breath stop short. Developed in the home studios of the Superhumanoids, the record takes a completely hands on approach from the trio. With each synth and guitar sound being completely made from scratch, the record brings a homegrown feel that encapsulates the thumps of the beating heart and lulls of swaying palm fronds from LA. And just as the record takes those elements and brings them to life, the live performance of Exhibitionists only continues to further that distinction. Despite being wrapped in an electronic blanket, the trio unravels each songs core to take the listener on a journey that highlights the living R&B undertones and driving groove that brings to light the soul of the record. What is found in the sticky air of the city of angels is found here in Exhibitionists, to ease between the spaces of your body, make you dance, and bring you home.

Called "one of Philly's most imaginative bands" by Philadelphia's WXPN, Tutlie carries both the dark and the light in equal measure. Formed by Jessie Radlow in 2010 while attending college in West Chester, Pennsylvania, the band has seen many lineup shifts on the path to refining the vision Radlow first set forth. In 2012, producers Drew Taurisano and Asher Brooks joined the outfit as they began to demo what would eventually become the bands 2014 debut LP Young Cries.

Young Cries, described as "expressive and expansive" by WXPN, is a far-reaching sonic experience, marrying the unique and exceptional songwriting of Radlow with the immersive production and texture as developed by the band and it's producers Taurisano and Brooks. Simply stated by Performer Mag, Young Cries is "smart, intricate chamber pop that will challenge your imagination."

Moon Bounce

Moon Bounce is Philadelphia’s mutant pop pioneer, Corey Regensburg. Walking the fine line between creation and disintegration, his output combines soulful vocals, bombastic percussion and explosive synthesis; obsessed with groove, yet on the verge of falling apart.

Regensburg’s unconventional background spans about every performance style and genre imaginable. Classically trained in piano and a graduate of University of the Arts with a major in musical theatre, he quickly ended up disillusioned from the creative limits that were imposed on him in school. Using a friend’s pirated copy of Propellerhead’s Reason, a piece of software with a significant learning curve, Regensburg started creating samples and synthesizers completely from scratch. Inspired by early M83, bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Blood Brothers, and sound design progenitors such as Chris Clark and Aphex Twin, the Moon Bounce project soon had lift off.

Along with obsessively harnessing his production chops, Regensburg began unabashedly injecting his personality more heavily into his works, resulting in a eccentric take on electronic music that quickly stood out completely on its own. Gaining notoriety from a slew of EPs, including 2014’s acclaimed Dress Rehearsal, Regensburg’s ambitious compositions and sarcastic, often macabre lyrical content struck a chord with those sick of the sterile and predictable wave of producers hitting Soundcloud. The music video for lead single “Shake” was premiered by horror outlet, Fangoria, and nominated for The Berlin Music Video Awards, its depiction of a “puppet bloodbath” a jarring piece of black comedy.

Releasing additional singles on Secret Songs, Activia Benz, Heroic, and even a collaboration with The Bloody Beetroots on Dim Mak, Moon Bounce’s mutant pop had found its footing. Shows with Rhye, Slow Magic and Prince Rama affirmed Regensburg’s versatility as a performer, fans regularly approaching him wide-eyed and perplexed, exclaiming “I’ve never seen anything like that!” about his uninhibited sets. When friend and collaborator, Kyle Stetz, released the internet phenomenon, Typedrummer, samples from Moon Bounce’s single “Fool” were included and 3 million people around the world were introduced to his music. Coverage on tech publications like CNET, Wired, Boing Boing, and even support from Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee followed.

All roads have led to the present, as Moon Bounce has just released his first full-length LP, entitled Clean House, on his very own Grind Select, the label he started with his manager in 2014 as a necessary retaliation to the status-quo. This is the most exposed Regensburg’s songwriting has ever been. Songs like “Drugs” and “Empty Hole” put his voice more prominently in the forefront than ever before, as he reconciles serious relationships in his life with relatable neuroses. His most pristine sounding work, the record could not have been made by anyone but Regensburg, the lurching, obtuse rhythms, infectious melodies, twists and turns all integral parts of the Moon Bounce universe. As Clean House comes to a close, Regensburg fittingly proclaims “we’ve got to milk this thing for all it’s worth, now let’s enjoy the earth.”



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