Crowded Streets

Crowded Streets has earned a reputation of being the nation's best recreation of one of the top grossing touring acts of the past 20 years, The Dave Matthews Band. Hailing from the Washington, DC area, Crowded Streets has grown from a group of friends getting together in a basement in Northern Virginia into a top notch live music experience that piques your senses and transcends all genres of music!

Live performance is the bands strong suit and where they embody what it is the Dave Matthews Band does night after night. The connection that Crowded Streets has with fans is undeniable as this band pulls in everyone from new comers to die hard DMB fanatics and wins them over time & time again! This sextet mirrors the current lineup of the original band themselves and recreates the music with an amazing attention to detail; recreating the originals as well as covers done by DMB and weaving in and out of improvised sections that allow for the creative freedom that has become a staple of the DMB live show!

Crowded Streets is a must-see ticket for fans of music from every end of the spectrum. If you’re a fan of the Dave Matthews Band, then be sure to make it to The Tally Ho Theater and listen to the nation’s best tribute to DMB, Crowded Streets; they truly may be the best of what’s around…..


Formed in the small town of Winchester, Virginia in 2009, Threesound embodies a musical passion that thrives in all music followers. Infectious grooves and harmonious melodies compliment each musicians talent, leading one to wonder how on earth such a young group of kids got so tight. This is Threesound, the band whose music will be respected by mainstream and underground listeners alike.

$10 advanced - $12 Day of Show


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