Serianna, WITH LIFE IN MIND, Adaliah

With Life In Mind

Forming at the end of 2007, the members of WLIM have shown much charisma, producing songs that strike a powerfully melodic chord of emotion, further emphasizing the fact that a young band really can make well-written songs that not only capture listener's ears, but their minds as well. Vocalist Justin Kraus provides the powerfully aggressive voice of the band with thought-provoking lyrics that deal with human interaction and society as a whole, along with his own personal reactions to the world around himself and the band. The writing process is ambiguous in order to make people use their minds and create their own ideas and thoughts, thus giving different perspectives in the form of "The Human Condition".


From Athens We Fled

From Athens We Fled is a 5 piece metalcore/post hardcore band hailing from Phoenix, AZ.

Newly formed but they are already garnering serious attention with their mixture of heavy grooves, epic harmonies and versatile vocals. No strangers to the stage, each member knows how to work a crowd and bring energy to fans that have become jaded by an overly saturated metal scene.

$8.00 - $10.00


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