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Trashcan Joe

Soaring vocal harmonies and modern song writing set in a soundscape harkening to the early jazz era, Trashcan Joe has a unique sound with a broad appeal. The fact that the instruments are made from recycled and found objects is quickly lost to their stellar musicianship. It’s no wonder they are a steadily working live band and have performed at events such as Pickathon, Burning Man, Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Live Wire, the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle , Oregon Country Fair, and were the house band at the Candidates Gone Wild at the Roseland Theater.



Trashcan Joe is celebrating their 10 year anniversary as one of Portland's most unique swing and old-time jazz experiences with the release of their fifth album "Blue Day." This newest collection of music marks a major departure in sound, texture, and content with an exploration of the sweeter and sadder sides of life. Featuring founder Capt. James Cook on Trashcanjo, Mike Danner on Accordion, Yasha Noonberg on the One-String Trashcan Bass, Kyrstyn Pixton on Washboard, and Jason Wells on Cornet, this soulful and polished collection of all-original songs uses the classic sound of the band in very original and unexpected ways. At times orchestral, lilting, and tugging at your heart with it's melodies and gorgeous vocal harmonies, while at other times uplifting and bursting in ecstatic, pulsating eruptions of swing and stomp, this brilliant display of songwriting and creativity is to be savored and enjoyed play-after-play for old and new fans alike.

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