Allison's Invention, Frealane, The Juvenals

Allison's Invention

Fearless honesty, poignant lyricism and powerful melodies are the textures used to weave Allison Invention's (formerly Allison Tartalia) unforgettable music. Compelling and expressive performances have charmed and thrilled audiences throughout the country. Allison's Invention's new adult-alternative project, "Sweet and Vicious," is a lush melodramatic pop EP. The songs feature Allison on piano and a variety of vintage keyboards. Strings and horns help to create the atmospheric soundscape. A staple on the New York music scene, this Astoria based artist is no stranger to accolades and applause. Allison was recently nominated for an Emmy alongside fellow composers for the music that they created for the documentary 5,000 Miles From Home.


Andrea Dee is a singer/songwriter who meanders through soft pop piano, melodic rock guitars, grooving bass lines and drives it home with a twist of innocence and charm. Her sound transitions from sweet singer/songwriter to pulsating rock songstress, driven by riveting drum tracks, power chords and interesting breaks that are unexpected but refreshing. Her infectious melodies and honesty set her apart with triumphs as an artist. As a vocalist, Andrea Dee captivates you with her sultry voice that draws you in. Her songs are photographs of life, the record is a heartfelt and relatable personal expression and it feels good.

The Juvenals

The Juvenals? Fun, abrasive, melancholic, melodic, catchy. Just swell listening really. Wry. Very wry. Grand panegyrics and mock-heroic epics. Shouting, whispering, caviling and garumphing, sweeping, grooving, mocking, all sly asides, all half-remembered verses, all seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time guitar solos. Psych freak-out barnburners, indie rock slow-builders, bluegrass rave-ups, quiet and hushed folk, tempestuous rags, brutally efficient harmonies, classic rock choruses. Jutting and reckless, consumed and diseased, as pointed and inappropriate and out-of-sorts as a pure soul snaking its way through a callow and feckless age that doesn’t like it very much.

But this above all else: catchy.

As for you, my friend (and isn't that who this is really about?), you are on the early end of the curve. You get to listen along, blog about it, love them then turn on them, rank their albums against other bands’ they are nothing like based on the calendar year they were released - all while paying for little to nothing! You know the drill. You're tired of the drill. But why not drill along, once more, with us?

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