Warren Teagarden

Warren Teagarden

Warren Teagarden once had a dream in which he could not stop talking. He talked and talked and could not control himself. He tried to clench his jaw and close his mouth but it didn't work. He pressed both hands tightly over his lips but it didn't work. He punched himself in the face, bashed his head against the wall, and thew himself to the floor. But none of this worked. He was powerless to control the endless river of words streaming forth. The words he spoke were of purest truth and beauty and contained the wisdom of a thousand Gods. But his words flowed only to the empty darkness of space and were instantly gone forever in the void. Such is life, my friends. Such is life.

Clamhawk Manor

Clamhawk Manor is the backing band for impenitent frontman, Roger Oddcock. He believes that rock 'n' roll should be big, loud, sexy and irreverent. It should deliver the goods with a self-confident swagger but never take itself too seriously. Rock 'n' roll should be fun and it should have balls. Clamhawk Manor bring the funballs back to rock!

Clamhawk Manor were recently the subject of Lupine Films first feature length effort, "A Hard Day's Nightmare." This rock 'n' roll horror comedy musical follows the band as they attempt to make it to their big show while avoiding the advances of their biggest fans, flesh eating monsters.

Teething Veils

Teething Veils is a band perpetrated by songwriter Greg Svitil. It began in 2006 in a beige-carpeted second-story bedroom along Florida Avenue in Washington, DC. Its first live show was on November 25, 2006 at the Montgomery College Planetarium, and featured a star show orchestrated by Dr. Harold Alden Williams as well as music from Chicago’s doom-folk troupe Unlucky Atlas. Following an ill-received impromptu performance in Dayton, Ohio, shows took place in such venues as Artomatic; WMUC’s Third Rail Radio; Radio CPR; and 611 Florida, at the storied house’s final show before its denizens quit the premises and the landlady installed new floors. Teething Veils continues to make songs, a stone’s throw away from where it was born.


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