Late Bloomer, One Another, The Mineral Girls, Black Market, Secret Hospital

Late Bloomer

2 guys that love 80s/90s indie rock, punk, and grunge and 1 guy that is old enough to have lived through it. Using the old guy as our guide we seek to create original tunes that could have fit nicely in 1993.

Scott- Drums
Neil- Guitar, Vocals
Josh- Vocals, Bass

One Another

punk/rock trio with members of Columns, Minority Party, Hungry Girl, Yamahasexxx, Les Wright & The Double Standard, etc.

The Mineral Girls

post-internet emotive indie pop.

Black Market

Four dudes, no rules. The only goal is to be loud and fast. We'll play a show in your kitchen, if you're into that.

Secret Hospital

Mike, Carsten, Susan & Erik play songs and stuff.



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