CALEB is a three piece rock band from Franklin, TN founded by brothers Caleb and Will Chapman, and shortly thereafter joined by friend/guitarist Scott Mills. From the beginning, the chemistry between the three young men has defined their approach to music and the road.

The members of CALEB are joined together by many things, and it has developed into a unique brotherhood where three stories have melded into one.

"We believe we have a story to tell - a story of hope and perseverance. That's what we want to leave people with."

With three EP's setting the framework of this story - CALEB EP (2010), Trouble (2010), and To The Ends Of The World (2011) - CALEB is currently writing the next chapter in the form of their debut full length album, When I Was Younger, scheduled to release later this year.

Anderson East

Offering up a heaping helping of alternative rock with a healthy dose of timeless Americana influence, Anderson East is a dynamic artist who fuses modern sound with the rich undertones of his southern roots.

There was, “a lot of preachin’, a lot of prayin’ & a lot of piano playin’.” That best describes Anderson’s early years as a Southern Baptist Pastor’s grandson. Add the sweet sound of a gospel singing father, coupled with the big dreams that only a small town will inspire and you get a young man full of emotion, depth, curiosity, and song. Although profoundly influenced by the sounds of his childhood, Anderson East knew early on that his musical landscape was much broader than his conservative upbringing and embarked on a pursuit that would encompass both reverence and rebellion. With lyrics exploring timeless and thought provoking subjects, vocals that both soothe and mend the most human urges to love, hate, cry and lose control, and a palette of musical instruments best described in the art world as mixed media, Anderson East offers the listener something new to the ear yet familiar to the spirit. Bearing an unforgettable voice that allows you to explore the rich emotions of his music, Anderson’s vocals range from soulful cries to haunting whispers, and paint a vivid picture of his lyrics. Described as taking only the best qualities from Otis Redding, Ray LaMontagne, Ryan Adams, and John Mayer, Anderson’s voice is a lovely blend of unique inflection and delivery that creates a sound of its own.

After independently releasing the well-received EP Fire Demos in 2010, followed by Transitive Property in 2011, a new project was born: the double LP, Flowers of the Broken Hearted. A musical endeavor that explores the human condition of heartbreak through love lived and love lost. With a two LP canvas, Anderson explores his dynamic musical range, offering the listener two independently unique sounds, yet one universal theme.

Embarking on the first half, Anderson set out for Los Angeles and into the studio with co-producer Chris Seefried (Counting Crows, Fitz & the Tantrums), alongside a prized cast of individuals including Grammy award winning engineer Seth A. Horan, and an array of acclaimed musicians including Charles Gillingham & David Immergluck (members of the Counting Crows), Rob Wasserman (Lou Reed), Waddy Wachtel (Stevie Nicks), Don Heffington (Bob Dylan), Noel Scaggs (Fitz & the Tantrums) and Justine Bennett.

The second half of Flowers, recorded back in Nashville, is a modern, darker, more contemplative side of Anderson, a dualistically fulfilling contrast to the more classic Americana/Soul side of the album. Joining East is drummer Evan Hutching, bassist Tim Marks, and cellist Matt Nelson, as well as guest vocalist such as Callie and Phoebe Cryar (The Vespers), Natalie Prass and other gifted Nashville artists.

“Better” aptly kicks off Disc One like a revolver tied up in a pink bow. It’s both angry and danceable with Motown undertones. “Lyrically it’s right in line with the other songs, but asked for that Jackson 5 thing. It had to come first, it sets up the album in a positive mood before moving on.”

The soul-tinged title track captures the people that populate his songs. “Flowers of the Broken Hearted” is about an ex sending flowers to his girlfriend, and as East shares, “feeling a little sorry for the guy after the initial shock wore off.”

“New Life/New York” introduces another dynamic on Disc Two, a mournful ballad of the pain of restarting life yet again. It’s followed by the atmospheric and sinister “Fire Song,” about a woman burning down her house to get rid of her old life. Disc two (Red), closes with homage to the gospel music his grandparents so loved.

Flowers of the Broken Hearted was released in the Fall of 2012.

Wild Rompit

Over the course of two years, Wild Rompit’s intersection of heart pounding indie rock and gritty vocals has helped them to establish a solid fan base in their hometown of Philadelphia. With two self-releases and subsequent national tours, Wild Rompit has been building a family of fans in clubs, warehouses, art galleries, fields and basements where the inspiring fervor of their live show has garnered them legions of loyal fans.

Brotherhood marked pronounced growth in the band’s songwriting. Wild Rompit’s homegrown roots sound reaches new heights in a youthful, yet wizened tone through songs filled with passionate, raw energy and lyrically honest portrayals of self‐discovery, friendships broken and mended. “You can learn a lot about yourself through your relationships with the people around you,” explains lead singer Blair, “and the songs on Brotherhood are about how far you’d go for those people.”

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