Fayuca is a three- peice PUNK ROCK/ REGGAE band from Phoenix, Arizona. The bands style is rooted in REGGAE/ DUB, with SUBLIME and RX BANDITS cited as heavy influences. There is an obvious SPANISH influence in the band's music as well. In 2004, FAYUCA released their debut album, WALK WEST, on local punk rock label LOCK AND KEY RECORDS. By their second release in 2005 (BLACK MARKET) FAYUCA began to build serious momentum through consistent touring; And the release of "THE ASSASSINATION" in 2009 was well worth the wait!

Tribe Zion

Tribe Zion delivers a high energy mix of Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk, & Blues, & is currently touring throughout the Southeast in support of their new E.P. Release “Gonna Be Alright” while getting ready to produce their second EP in the near future. Tribe Zion plays their many solid original's while still bringing some tried & true covers in all genre's to their shows as well depending on the Venue. Originally formed in Boulder, Colorado in 2005, the band moved to California, then Louisiana, & is now based in Pensacola, FL. Tribe Zion has opened for many national acts including The Dirty Heads, Fayuca, JR. Toots, Black Uhuru, The Itals, and Mystic Roots. The band has well over 100 years of combined experience in the music Industry, has developed a large following by playing locally, & is now gaining National attention.

Fat Lipped Fish

Fat Lipped Fish is a reggae rock band that hails from Destin, Florida. They have shared the stage with acts such as The Expendables, The Black Uhuru, Ballyhoo, Kayavibe, The Supervillians, Badfish, Mystic Roots, Three Legged Fox, Ugly Lion, The Wailers, Mike Pinto and Less Than Jake, just to name a few.


NSOP is fueledby the coastline, waves, sun, sandy beaches, and the people who love music. Starting off as a three piece NSOP released their first self-titled album in 2005 and quickly found their music hitting the streets and reaching the airwaves. NSOP released their second album "Underneath the Palm Trees" in 2011 and received a lot of positive feedback, reviews being found in Alaska to Colorad
o's Buzz Magazine and closer to home along the Gulf Coast of Florida.

NSOP never turns down an event deamed “too small” nor are they intimidated to perform infront of thousands of people. NSOP finds themselfs playing at Panama City Beach’s most notorious venues including Spinnaker and Club La Vela as well as Pensacola’s infamous Sevil Quarter and finding a home in the Lobster Festival, Jamaican Festival, and the Broke Fest. NSOP has opened for acts such as The Vodoo Glow Skuls, Agent Orange, Three Legged Fox, Mike Pinto and Event Horizon (to name drop a few) with crowds ranging from a intimate bar settings to over 10,000 head festivals.

The Message...
Music, unlike anything else, is something that everybody can relate to no matter what type of genre it might be. It
has a way of expressing a feeling that simply cannot be delivered by just words or a painting on the wall. Music can be
extremely powerful, however whenever you are hit by it’s melodys, you feel no pain. It can brighten the day, bring back
memories, motivate you, and inspire you in many different ways. Knowing this, NSOP writes music that preserves the
positive, mental mind and creates a sea of vibes that are sublime. NSOP sends a different type of aura with every song we
write with the intention of taking you to your alderon.

"We make music because we live for it, and we try to spread our
vibes that we like to keep . . . Nothing Short of Pure."

$7.00 - $10.00


This event is all ages * General Admission * Standing Room Only- Any Available Seating Will Be On A Strictly First Come/ First Serve Basis * All Ages * Additional $5 Cash Surcharge At The Door For Under 21 * Attendees Under 16 Must Be Accompanied By A Ticketed, Adult Guardian *

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