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The Crackling

The name The Crackling refers to songwriter Kenton Loewen’s favorite sound, the sound of burning. From gentle taps of smoking wood, to violent sparks of exploding pine cones and falling branches, the sounds evoked from the idea of crackling set the tone of the album. This album is about the sounds of change, natural and flowing or sudden and vigorous, but above all stimulating and honest.

Kenton Loewen has seasoned himself as a touring musician having been on the road exstensively since 2000. Known mostly as a drummer (Dan Mangan, Mother Mother, Gordon Grdina Trio), The Crackling is his work in songwriting and his focus in guitar.

The album title Keep Full Ambitious is a quote from Kenton’s grandfather, a Russian immigrant from a strong religious background. His advice always struck Kenton as surprisingly hopeful compared to the modest and conservative teachings of other relatives. This album is a homage to the expansive words of his grandfather, to the inspiring words of a humble man.

The Crackling toured in support of Dan Mangan’s 2010 Canadian tour. This wonderful opportunity put the band in front of no less then 300 people a night on this sold out tour. The overwhelming response has brought The Crackling in to new light in the Canadian Music scene.

The Cracklings’ debut album Keep Full Ambitious is not an explicit sharing of specific personal moments. It is an invitation into an intimate place, a dropping of barriers and an exploration of experience. The aim is to effect people with the intensity of the music, but not to dictate the meaning. Take from it what you will, give to it what you can, come listen.

Kenton Loewen is best known as a drummer. The Crackling is Kenton’s first project as composer and singer. He is a trained jazz drummer. Kenton has worked extensively with Gord Grdina, and has played with such jazz notables as Mats Gustafsson, Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten, Fredrik Lundqvist, Jeb Bishop, Kent Kessler, Simon Fisk, Jerry Granelli, Michael Moore, Mark Helias, Mark Destrube and Francois Houle. Kenton has also played in Po Girl, Submission Hold, Mother Mother, Dan Mangan and Josh Martinez and the Pissed Off Wild.



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