The Melodic

The Melodic

Guardian- New band of the Day
"Like Mumford & Sons and Noah and the Whale, MMM have been taking the no-frills, steady, heavy-gigging, word-of-mouth route to success, and it's working."

Q – Track of the Day
"…they have developed an incredibly tender lyrical technique, while also incorporating reggae influenced bass lines which have been quick to get the crowds moving at gigs."

Songlines – Making Waves Feature
"Beguiling and unique"

Observer – 'Going Up' feature
"Incredibly beautiful, with harmonies and rich instrumentation that make you want to dance and cry at the same time."

The Fly – New Band feature
"Rather Fantastic"
rtrocker – 4/5 Single review
"… is a subtle and entirely fresh delight"

The Blank Tapes

The Blank Tapes is now and always has been Matt Adams, a soft-spoken kid from a Southern California suburb who learned to play practically every instrument a good garage band needs, and then started making beautifully idiosyncratic records on his trusty home eight-track because … well, why wait? When he first heard the Beatles and the Kinks, he knew he needed to make his own songs, too, and so in 2003 he did, with the kind of inspiration and confidence and personality you’d think have faded out in 1967. By the time he left his home in Orange County for San Francisco in 2005, he’d put dozens if not a hundred of his own songs on tape, all lovingly and painstakingly and perfectly recorded in a series of ever more modest bedrooms and sheds. The local press loved him and when he landed in the Bay Area, the press there loved him just as much, too. (“Somebody sign him, quick!” said Rolling Stone.)
But the funny thing is this is all the ancient history of The Blank Tapes now—or maybe just the prelude. Adams is the kind of guy who writes a song just as naturally as he wakes up everyday. He’s got … maybe almost four hundred originals hovering inside his head, he says, and he remembers them all perfectly. He’s got lost albums and unreleased albums and more albums for the future planned out to the last detail. He paints his own albums covers and posters—with talent enough that he worked for Mad Magazine!—and booked all his own tours and makes the show go on whether its him and a portable amp on a lonely bridge in Austin or him and eight other rock ‘n’ roll powerhouses cracking the stage in half.
In 2010, he got not one but two surprise smash hits in Brazil, leading to his first tour outside North America. He shared bills with sci-fi garage legends Thee Oh Sees and home-taper extraordinaire R. Stevie Moore in Europe. He provided much of the soundtrack to the cult surf film ‘Stoked and Broke’ and took a stripped-down Blank Tapes to Japan to tour with the film. And he custom-wrote a special song for Burger Records Weiner Dog Benefit comp, doing his utmost to help a little puppy pay a vet bill.

the Ghost of Joseph Buck

Conjuring up images of dusty towns, open roads, and lonesome wanderers, The Ghost of Joseph Buck places its roots in Americana with influences spanning the musical spectrum.


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