All My Pretty Ones

All My Pretty Ones

Sea Dramas

The music of Sea Dramas ranges from hazy folk with pensive melodies to 60’s-inspired, echo-laden pop that melds genres with swirling, dreamlike qualities.

Based in San Francisco, Sea Dramas began as a voyage in audio recording by Scott Pettersen (songwriting, vocals, guitar, banjo, etc). A rotating cast of musicians lent their talents to a substantial collection of demos and through this process a full fledged band has emerged — the potent ensemble of Ted Kamp (drums), Dwayne Anderson (electrical guitar), Marlaina Rae (vocals, keyboard), and John Mulhausen (bass).

Soft Wake, the band’s debut LP, was recorded September 2012 at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco, California with producer Patrick Brown and self-released in February 2013.

Miss Erma

MISS ERMA creates a sound world that is refreshing and enrapturing, inspired by gypsy, folk, jazz, rock, and pop with an orchestral twinge. Her melodies are bouncy and bright as she carries you right to the edge, pushes you over and then catches you again. Her voice has a playful and whimsical quality with a dash of sweetness to top it off.



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