1st Annual CrittyFest in memory of Chris Nyberg with Chach


Forged in the crucible of the mid-western middle school, CHACH has been performing live music since 1988. The band has honed their craft at world renowned institutions including the New England Conservatory, Berklee School of Music, Northern Iowa jazz, and the Police Psychic Correspondence course. CHACH has shared the stage with legends of music, entertainment and paranormal crime fighting.

Originally from Des Moines, the CHACH spans the globe from Texas to Milwaukee to St. Louis to Colorado to Helsinki and Budapest. The CHACH will have you twerkin and movin' and shakin' and doin' it like Miley Cyrus. This one night only show won't disappoint and will showcase the wet, dirty funk the CHACH is known for...with the addition of the CHACH horns - bone, trumpet, and saxes. The night is your oyster and the CHACH is the tabasco sauce.

Award winning, mind blowing, spoon bending...CHACH."



Ticket includes entry into the 1st Annual CrittyFest as well as one complimentary beer. All proceeds from ticket sales go to the family of Chris Nyberg.

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