This four piece NYC band has seemed to have come out of nowhere with a debut single that makes quite a bold statement. "Make It Quick" is a slow burning piece of chamber pop, bringing in inspiration from the '60s and merging the sounds with contemporary indie rock.

Tense, nervous vocals seem to tiptoe around the distorted instrumental track, while light drums keep the solemn tune rolling forward. Emotion pours out through the lyrics keeping you within a dark, psychedelic trance throughout a majority of "Make It Quick". All of this continually builds into a grand cry, promising a phoenix-like return from ashes.

Little Children

Little Children is the alias of the Swedish 28 year old Linus Lutti who creates ornamented and mysterious pop music, dark and tender at the same time. The latest songs from his upcoming EP, IN HAU are his most appealing and relevant contribution emerging from the wide pop scene in Sweden, in loveliness on par with the holy bodies made by Loney Dear, and José González. The music from IN HAU shows maturity since the 2010 debut album IN SILENCE, which gathered much praise including many year-end BEST OF lists.

Little Children's music, reminds one of such diverse artists as Will Oldham, Bon Iver, Nick Drake, and Red House Painters. But there is something else behind his delivery, a je-ne sais-quoi that makes these references nearly irrelevant. This is part of the uniqueness that is so striking about Little Children.

"Hollow" is the first glimpse into Little Children's new EP IN HAU to be released January 14th on INGRID. Linus gives insight into "Hollow", "The song was inspired by Mark Hollis' (Talk Talk) "The gift" and Stockholm's Tape's "A spire". This song means a lot for the whole project Little Children and for the musicians while recording this song. This song was in fact the first song we really enjoyed recording with its quite "tricky" rhythm".

IN HAU was produced in Stockholm by Johan Berthling (Tape, FIRE!) which features some extremely talented musicians that play on the record as well as live shows- Andreas Söderström guitarist (plays live w. Anna Ternheim, Taken by Trees, El Perro Del Mar) Mattias Bergqvist drums (live w. First Aid Kit) and Petter Winnberg (live w. Miike Snow, Serenades). The recordings feature a soulfulness and haunting minimalist sound that is made for repeat listens to fully grasp the emotions entwined in the songs.

Little Children will be touring Scandinavia and the US in Spring of 2013. IN HAU's January release is just the first taste of music to be released in the next year and years to come.

The Tarantula Waltz

The Tarantula Waltz, a moniker that hides Stockholmer Markus Svensson, is coming to NYC in order to play his first US shows early June.

The Tarantula Waltz has released two critically acclaimed albums in Europe and the music is best described as folk/alternative for the 21st century with peers such as The Tallest Man On Earth, Kurt Vile, Feist and 16 Horsepower.

The Tarantula Waltz is renowned live and has toured a lot in Europe both as a solo act and with his four-piece band together supporting Kathleen Edwards, Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell, Justin Townes Earl, Iron and Wine and fellow Swedes First Aid Kit to mention but a few.

LaBelle's songwriting has been described as "top-notch" according to Aquarian Weekly and "full of neat, unexpected flourishes" by New York Music Daily. On her latest EP, "Blossom & Blue, " LaBelle demonstrates that her range of influences is limitless, but her unique voice emerges as entirely her own.

Growing up in a small town in New Jersey, LaBelle fronted one of the few female-led bands on the indie-rock scene. She has since taken her songwriting and musicianship to new heights, learning new instruments and exploring a range of styles from '60s French pop to alternative country. In addition to her solo project, she has recently toured as a singer and multi-instrumentalist with Jimmy Destri of Blondie.

LaBelle is currently living in Brooklyn where she performs regularly with her band. She is working on her fourth album release with tour dates soon to be announced.



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