The Argentine

Given form, fire and fury in the white hot crucible of Brooklyn, NY, The Argentine is - among other things - a five-piece band, democratic entity, boutique organic hot sauce and ironic cautionary tale with a spectrum of influences including the dense and etherial works of Jose Luis Borges, the deadpan screwball of Jim Jarmusch and the deft impressionism of Jeff Mangum.

Extravagant Animals

Formed by members of the New York retro indie pop outlet Broverdose, Extravagant Animals emerged onto the scene in the late spring of 2015. Seven years of playing together allow Extravagant Animals to take their audience to the musical innerspace that most bands leave behind in rehearsal; a place where there is no preconceived notion of what to expect from a rock and roll band. Windswept synth lines compliment paired guitars over a breakneck beat to create a sound so dense, one wouldn't know there are only three people on stage. Extravagant Animals' exploratory pop, infused with copious nineties influences, leaves a lasting aural imprint of fresh but familiar style.

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