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Los Angeles based beat maker Adam Glassco, better known as Flinch, is no stranger to the EDM world. A veteran producer who has progressed effortlessly from his beginnings in drum & bass and then electro, to current endeavors into jump-up and deeper, more melodic synth-based dubstep. The succession of sounds Flinch adheres to reflects a new breed of artists distinguished most by his ability to marry a massive, tear-out bassline with a melody that could serenade your grandmother, or create tracks that pair careful grit & distortion with catchy songwriting. A true tastemaker, Flinch consistently delivers a wide selection of cuts riding between the UK funky, club, moombahton, techno, garage, and dubstep genre lines. There is an undeniable buzz in the bass music world for Flinch's recent productions on labels such as SMOG and Trouble & Bass, most notably his massive single "World On Fire," which has often been championed by Skrillex, 12th Planet, and Datsik and is making a huge impact with audiences worldwide.

OnTronik™, known to many as Andy Khachaturian, is a Music Artist & Live Remixer. He is best known for his contributing role as co-founder/drummer for Grammy-Award winning band System of a Down and vocalist for The Apex Theory.

Andy began taking piano lessons at age eleven. He taught himself how to play drums by age twelve. At the age of fifteen he began experimenting with turntables and DJ-ing, while playing a wide range of styles from conscious hip-hop tracks to varying degrees of house and techno records. He continued stretching his musical boundaries by picking up other instruments along the way including voice, guitar, bass and synthesizer.

As drummer for System of a Down, Andy helped shape the band's unique identity by contributing his signature drum lines to seventeen songs, many of which were included on their debut album. Shortly thereafter, he started The Apex Theory where he was able to take on vocal duties as their lead singer. The band quickly gained momentum and was signed to Dreamworks.

Currently, Ontronik™ has just released his debut single Soul Kitchen. Watch the official video thru or directly download the track and his new DJ mixtape ElectroFried from

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