Nancy Danino

Nancy Danino

Nancy Danino, is scheduled to perform her unreleased album during a special showcase at The Cutting Room (44 E 32nd Street, New York, NY 10010) on Tuesday, June 4, 2013.
The ticketed event ($15 in advance/$20 at door) will begin with a cocktail reception at 9pm, followed by a performance at 10pm. The album, Testify, will officially release in August of this year.
Testify is an uplifting album that truly reflects the spirit and energy of a positive force
within all of us. You’ll feel love, loss, and inspiration to continue to follow your heart and
dreams. It will remind you of your best friend and your greatest partner.
Danino, a melodist and lyricist, collaborated with some of the most eminent songwriters
on the album, although she solely wrote the lyrics of seven of the twelve tracks. She
spent lots of time in Sweden and wrote eight songs there with Anders Hansson
(Christina Aguilera, Cher…) Marten Sanden and Karin Westerberg. Two songs were
written with Jeff Franzel in NY (Franck Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr, Josh Groban…), and
one more with Cliff Goldmacher and Tom Kimmel (Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, Art
Garfunkel..)in Nashville.
The album was recorded in The Bennett Studios in NJ after Danino was selected for
their Independent Artist Program. Danino produced it with Christopher Benham, who
was part of the band she already had been performing with in the city, long with Mike
Eckroth and Kevin Thomas. Tonya Benham and a string quartet also participated in the
creation of this album.
With major label deals being ever more difficult to secure in recent years, Danino
formed Violet Blues Productions with idea of controlling her own destiny. Luckily
enough, in New York City there are a number of live music venues seeking new talent
and people wanting to participate in the discovery of new music. Danino’s charismatic
personality and lyrical performances have attracted a worldly audience who continue to
enjoy her shows again and again. She’s packed crowds at The Bitter End, The
Metropolitan Room, The Greenhouse, The Box, and DROM.
“Nancy Danino is one of the most expressive and soulful artists I’ve laid ears on,” says
Matthew Tilley, who used to be SVP of International Marketing at EMI. “Lately, I’ve had
the ability to choose which projects I support and who I think has the will to succeed.
Nancy is just one of those people you want to be around. Her voice draws audiences
who exude positive energy, which is what this world needs.”
Danino’s hope is that this album will inspire others to build community and work
together in order to fulfill dreams. She named the album “Testify”, because she desires
to be a witnessthat if you pursue your dreams with certainty and tenacity, anything can
happen. Life is full of challenges, and after years of preparation, she’s ready to shine.

$15 Advanced - $20 Day of Show

Tickets Available at the Door

Full dinner menu will be available. $20 per person food/drink minimum

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