Myshkin, Nick Jaina, Michelle McAfee

Nick Jaina

Nick Jaina is an alt-folk bandleader from Portland, OR, and his is the story of one man's willingness to be obsessed at his own risk. He is a fine writer of prose and if it weren't for his infatuation with music and performing he'd probably be sitting up in his room churning out novels instead of songs. His band, featuring members of Jolie Holland, Loch Lomond, and Laura Gibson, is the result of five albums worth of playing in the streets, touring, sometimes living hungry, and sometimes selling out shows to the ravenous fans who've found them.

From his high concept records to his busking in front of national monuments and his tours in Finland, Alaska and everywhere in the continental United States, Nick loves to experiment, but he's suffered for it. He has run out of money, slept in his car, booked tours from the road, and sacrificed relationships at home for the good of his art. The result is an incredible talent, live show, and band unparalleled in Portland. On tour they often play two shows, one in the club they were booked and one in the street to boost attendance and sell a few records. At the end of the day though all of this patience and dedication has made Nick sort of a loner, conflicted and uneasy, like captain Ahab at the end of the bar, the white whale tugging at the back of his mind. But like Hank Chinaski said in barfly: "No writer who wrote worth a damn wrote in peace."

$9 in advance • $12 day of show


Myshkin, Nick Jaina, and Michelle McAfee. Three very unique artists join forces for an evening of songwriting goodness and collaborative delights. Myshkin and Nick have known each other since New Orleans days, most recently working together on his 2011 release The Beanstalks That Have Brought Us Here Are Gone. Nick is a smart, moving writer and prolific artist whose recent compositions for ballet and film add depth and range to his solo work. Michelle earned her songwriting chops in Nashville and Los Angeles as a published staff writer, then left it all behind to move to the mountains and hit the road with her powerful Americana pop tunes. She is celebrating the release of Float, produced by Portland’s own Jeremy Sherrer. Myshkin and Michelle toured the southwest together for a month this spring, playing and singing on each others songs. Myshkin is a New Orleans schooled, gypsy hearted torchsong singer and stringjazz poet, excited to be bringing these 3

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