Windowpane is currently the most popular independently distributed hard rock band in the Northwest and is beginning to reach many other areas. Windowpane is bringing the raw & ugly truth that IS American, dirty guitar driven, Rock & Roll back into the light, and people are hungry for it! Foregoing fancy stage props and theatrics, the band's backdrop consists of vintage Marshall and Ampeg stacks, fronted with low slung Les Pauls and Fenders. Their sound is unique, gritty and dark, tailored with an angry blues essence that dances with loose and powerful grooves worthy of the classic rock icons. Their lyrics are honest, open and relate to a vulnerability that is within all of us. This genuine, infectious approach coupled with emotionally fueled live performances has generated a tremendous Northwest fan base and is beginning to have the same effect on the rest of the nation and Canada.

Windowpane has recently been making an international push via intense touring, both as a support act and on their own. By the Spring of 2012 Windowpane had completed several highly successful tours, including tours in support of artists such as Five Finger Death Punch, Soulfly & Queensryche. They wrapped up their Summer with a crushing set at the White River Amphitheater in Washington as part of Rockstar Energy’s UPROAR Festival tour among artists such as Staind, Godsmack, Shinedown and P.O.D. The band has moved close to 10,000 CDs independently to date and is seeing fan support grow in overwhelming waves. The song “House of Cards” from the “Daybreak” album found itself in regular rotation on terrestrial radio stations all along the West Coast, into the Midwest and many of the markets their tours reached in Canada. The band also has their music featured in several films, including the internationally distributed Ving Rhames film "Evil Angel" and the Sundance Original Film "A Different Corner."

Black Diamond

Black Diamond formed in August 2011 and although a new band they are not unseasoned professionals without a following, most of them having been popular in the Seattle music scene for several years.

Jeff Nelson was in an original band, The Purps and cover bands such as The Crawlers, Paradox and eventually Leed Zeppelin, where he met Travis James as he filled in for that project’s current bass player, Rich Rios. James then introduced Nelson to Christopher Kiger.

Christopher Kiger has a degree in audio engineering. He worked and played in the L.A. scene and when he came back to Seattle he joined Tacoma band, Otherwise/Pretty Enemy, a band that Travis James was also in for a short time. Kiger left that band to pursue other opportunities, and ended up teaming up with James once again.

Travis James having been signed to a record deal early in his career has played in a handful of original and cover band projects before deciding to do a rock-a-oke project with Nelson and Kiger that never came to fruition. A chance meeting of Brandon Wisley at a jam-night and the quartet was ready to rock.

Brandon Wisley is no stranger to the stage, having toured and performed with the likes of Bret Michaels, Great White and Adler’s Appetite just to name a few. In 2008, Wisley was nominated and won for Vocalist of the Year at the Phoenix Music Awards.

Shane Cassidy also came to the band via James. They met when James’ former band Pretty Enemy was playing near where Cassidy lived and played in his band of six years, Elbow Coulee. The two kept in touch for the next year and half and when Wisley had a gathering at his house, they all jammed and Shane was extended the invitation to join Black Diamond and did so.

Black Diamond has found itself propelled forward at a momentous speed. Shortly after making their public debut, the group was asked to open for National Acts Great White, Lynch Mob, Adema and Witchburn. They also played local radio station KISW's The BJ Shea Morning Experience 12th Anniversary Party.

Black Diamond have been fortunate to have quick word of mouth from loyal enthusiasts reach venue owners and promoters alike, keeping them in demand as their music and fan base continues to swell.

The People Now

Jaded Mary

Welcome to the world of Jaded Mary. An ever evolving musical experience. A successful and proven formula that is a direct result of their ability to deliver a legendary performance.

Every time.

The music of Jaded Mary is a reflection of their diverse influences, rare chemistry and exceptional musicianship. The pursuit of their creative vision produces a unique and relevant sound that challenges the boundaries of musical creativity.

TEB has lived, composed and performed in many different musical worlds. His technique is heavily influenced by the various genres he has extensively studied. He exercises his knowledge by exploring new melodic realms on electric guitar, harp guitar and various other stringed instruments.

Jamal began playing bass at the early age of nine. His love for music and appreciation for it's history has given him an uncommon and sometimes abstract approach to music. His ability on the bass guitar has won him praise and respect from both musicians and fans alike.

LAW began as a classically trained percussionist. His refined application of cadence and rhythm and attention to tempo and time, brings a solid and familiar feel to his performance. LAW continues to experiment with new and progressive patterns to serve as the connection between all the musical elements of Jaded Mary.

Dave is a life-long student and lover of music. His passion was fostered early in life by his family, and through his education, experience, and practice of various styles and instruments, he has developed a genuine and soulful approach to song writing. Dave possesses a rare ability to invoke an emotional connection with compelling lyrics and warm, powerful melodies.

Jaded Mary's dedication has rewarded them with regional radio air play, live international web casts, televised performances, featured articles, positive reviews and the opportunity to share the stage with several national acts.

Join the experience and answer the call...

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