Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland

Rocketing to the forefront of the music world in 1992, Scott Weiland has become one of music's most highly respected and prolific artists. As the front man for Stone Temple Pilots, Weiland has remained a dominant force in rock music since the group's inception. Now, with his sophomore solo release, Weiland proves that his music and song-writing is as potent and powerful as ever. HAPPY IN GALOSHES, produced by Scott Weiland and Doug Grean [Velvet Revolver, Sheryl Crow, Crystal Method], with selected tracks recorded by Steve Albini, features a collection of songs that bring a revitalizing sound to Weilands highly praised and unique musical style.

The Last Internationale

The Last Internationale is a NY band that is gaining international notoriety due to their explosive and invitingly unpredictable live performances. The band's sound, which critics praise as very eclectic and fresh, cannot be pigeonholed into any genre but includes elements of folk, blues, rock and roll, punk and even country. As their name suggests, TLI is not only outspoken on social, political, and economic issues but their songs carry a heavy arsenal of poetic artillery aimed at the status quo.

TLI was founded by Edgey and Delila in 2009 when the duo cut a home-studio demo and starting playing at protests and underground venues in NYC. It wasn't long before they started touring the US and then Europe, where they enjoy most of their success, performing in theaters and festivals and appearing on national tv and radio stations. This April TLI will be performing their Los Angeles debut promoting their new EP: New York, I Do Mind Dying.

Red Letter Life

$29.50 - $32.00


performing the classic Stone Temple Pilots albums 'Core' and 'Purple'

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