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Quickly Quietly

quickly quietly formed in 2011, at the end of the year they released their debut Seven EP. The band first played together in prospect-lefferts garden and continued grinding out improv sessions into a fresh sound from analog drum machines, deep guitar and heavy rhythms. The new sound, exemplified by the track “Nothing But Air,” is very electric and very live. Lautaro on drums and samples, Paul on bass and keys, Aaron on guitar and vox. Each member serves double duty to the music creating a eclectic sound and a wide palate, uncharacteristic of a rock trio. If there was an ethos to the band it would be song, texture, rhythm, electrified.

Aaron. Guitarist. Singer. Virgo. Rocknrolla. Father. Child. Not a Father. Or a strong swimmer. College graduate. New Yorker. Western New Yorker. Eats well. No English. Some English. Anglo-Saxon, no. Tags. Cables. Jackets. Power. Nordic, no. American. The Science. Danger. Rumble in the Jungle. Danger. Effects pedals, yea.

Paul started kicking ass at a young age, making tapes of midi-sequences and expecting his bandmates to practice along with them at the tender age of 12. No one complied and he's still pissed about it! As a result, he refuses to practice the electric bass and/or keyboard and has difficulty remembering arrangements. Paul resides in Manhattan and is just using music to support his investment banking hobby.

LT: Tum Tum pa ratata Tum pa pum tututu pa tra tra tutu pa tutum tum tsss ttttt tutu pa trrrrrrrrrrrrr psh! (Lautaro is foreign.)

Carrie Erving (Ponyhof solo set)

Ponyhof is the new project of New York-based singer and musician Carrie Erving. Ponyhof's debut album "Empires," released in early 2014, was written and produced by Erving and mixed by former DFA producer Eric Broucek (Eleanor Friedberger, LCD Soundsystem, Holy Ghost!).

Now living full-time in Brooklyn, Erving writes songs that draw heavily on the influences of the four years she spent living in Europe: her love of electronic drums and analog synthesizers are a product of living for three years in Berlin, Germany, where she recorded and released her debut album and became a critically-acclaimed staple in the Berlin music scene under the moniker "Erving," and a year in Ireland studying the aural tradition of ballads and Sean-Nos singing helped her to shape an intensely personal and melodic singing and songwriting style.

Moving to Brooklyn in 2010, she reunited with friends from the indie rock community on her native side of the Atlantic and formed Ponyhof, a New York- based collective of musicians performing her new songs. "Empires" showcases the talents of electric cellist and album co-producer/arranger Chris Loxley, drummer Ricky Petraglia, and bassist Robert Sahm (Le Loup), and features guest vocals by Will Butler (Arcade Fire).


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