Small Craft Warning, Katie Pearlman, anDna


Keystones is a Jerry Garcia Tribute Quintet focusing on bringing alive the Vibe of the 1975 Garcia-Hopkins Band at the Keystone in Berkeley CA and expanding to include Garcia-Saunders and JGB Tunes, with a dose, of course, of some good ole Grateful Dead.

Small Craft Warning

Small Craft Warning is a New York City-based jam band. They have developed an original repertoire of jam tunes which draw their inspiration from the Grateful Dead and other music pioneers - mixed with a dash of their own unique medicine, of course.

The fact is that there are many Dead cover bands, and a whole generation of "groove/electronica" jam bands. BUT, there are few bands that have really pursued the twin aims of crafting thoughtful, timeless songs while simultaneously creating in-the-moment, mind-bending improvisational music. Small Craft Warning is the needle in the haystack!

Katie Pearlman

Katie Pearlman is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist best known to Northeast music audiences for her prowess on the drums, which she’s been playing since she was 10. More recently, she’s stepped out from behind the drum kit and sought to connect with audiences more intimately with her voice and an acoustic guitar. Katie’s recently released third album, Girls Like Us, features 12 story songs celebrating women who have been through life experiences and come out on top. It was inspired by Andrea Buchanan’s book Note to Self: 30 Women on Hardship, Humiliation, Heartbreak & Overcoming It All.


HERM FREEMAN and PHIL DEMISE SMITH are long time friends who have been playing and creating music since the mid 1970’s. They formed the notorious N. DoDo Band in the mid seventies and were part of the ‘no wave/new wave’ scene in NYC. They played such clubs as CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City and Trax. Out of the core of that band, they then formed Didus and the Fabulous Mascarenes and Art of the Middle Ages. Herm is a well exhibited painter and self taught musician and Phil is a published poet, a well exhibited visual artist and a self taught musician. They still ‘play around’ every now and then. Phil has written or co-written over 200 songs most of which have been arranged by Herm. In this incarnation they are anDna and are being joined by Zane Smith on bass (bassist/guitarist /vocalist for Two Out Rally).


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