BOSTON BENEFIT! With Shorty Boy Boy, The National Rifle, Cruiser

Shorty Boy Boy


1983 - shorty boy-boy becomes born in New Jersey

2006 - shorty boy-boy records the album - Kicking Your Ass, Then Smoking Your Grass

2007 - shorty boy-boy retires from the music industry to focus on getting paid

2010 - Silk City offers shorty boy-boy $24 and a dollar of domestic beers to play a Wednesday night show. shorty boy-boy accepts and officially comes out of retirement

2012- Shorty Boy-Boy adds two super hot chicks in the band.

shorty is currently releasing singles off soon to be "tru luv" LP

(remember kids, jesus had gaps in his story too)

The National Rifle

The National Rifle is a Philadelphia band formed in 2006 that has released 4 EP's prior to the 2013 full length album Almost Endless.

Recorded in the spring and summer of 2012 with producers Brian McTear (Sharon Van Etten) and Jon Low (Twin Sister) Almost Endless comes a long way from the indie punk of the first few EPs. The dance-ready bass, the energy and the restlessness are still there but they've reached a point in which their influences blend to create a sound of their own. It's electro rock, future punk, space pop. Covered in analog synths and amp noise, it's a headphones album. The beat's as loud as ever but the tone is even more dynamic. Reaching huge choruses and big finishes the vocals stay clean and emotive.

With this album The National Rifle keep up with their favorite bands who crafted a sound with both guitars AND synths. Referencing Berlin-era Bowie, Gary Numan, and New Order while keeping 21st century influences like the work of Johnny Jewel and Crystal Castles.

Cruiser, a solo project by Philadelphia native Andy States, was brought to life in the walk-in closet of a crowded inner city loft. States' demos eventually landed in the hands of Jeremy Park, producer of Youth Lagoon's The Year of Hibernation, who offered to produce Cruiser's EP after hearing the songs. With its infectious melodies and beachy guitars, the Cruiser EP captures the carefree essence of the summer months. Whether enjoyed in good company or completely alone, quite simply, Cruiser is meant to make you feel good.



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