Birch Street, Xiren

Birch Street

Formed in the Summer of 2011, Birch Street is a unique 5-piece Denver-based band with roots in rock and blues… They have been making waves in the Denver music scene with their ability to bring down the house on songs like “Bass Song” and “Like What You See”, and move the crowd with songs like “Letter to Zoe”,“Alone In This House”, and “Down the Line” … On vocals and acoustic guitar, Jake Langenhorst makes up the heart of the band with his incredible songwriting and vocal ability: his voice is bound to send shivers down your spine. On lead guitar, Andy Burns sends the energy the band to a higher level with his chops and melodic progression writing skills: he always knows how to get the crowd going. On keys, Sheldon Slater adds some blues and gritty soul to the melting pot: whether it is a ballad on up-tempo bass jam, Sheldon has the vibe to compliment everyone. On bass, Chad Macht keeps the bass pumpin’ and tight from his slaps to his harmonious bass lines: you will feel the rumble on your chest when he plays his gorgeous 5-string bass. Lastly on drums, Cooper Leith lays down the groove to keep you moving from side to side: no matter the style, he will keep the beat going strong.

Xiren, a name derived from Greek mythology and Celtic lore, is a rock n roll yogi packing a counter tenor and a lifetime of musical performances. Loaded with volumes of original songs and talents as broad as their reach; it's new music, built to last, with roots in a Detroit garage and branches spanning the Colorado Rockies and beyond.

Xiren (pronounced seer-rin) is an internationally touring Irish-American rock/pop artist cut from the same cloth as U2, MUSE, Sting, & Peter Gabriel. Packing a counter tenor, the best musicians/entertainers in CO and national level computer assisted stage production; his live show peels the paint off the walls and always leaves the audience wanting more.

Xiren's touring band is a real crowd pleaser; a rock quartet featuring national level musicians. The show employs Xiren's technical savvy integrating sophisticated computer production creating the ultimate concert experience. And every night the audience wins. After the show is over there's a glow throughout the audience; an experience of connecting to another world perhaps. One ripe with energy, grace and possibility.

With a style fusing classic with modern rock, Xiren delivers the answer to, "What if Sting joined Led Zeppelin?" It's vintage concert energy with a community-minded boost, and listeners of all kinds find themselves sailing their bodies and minds straight toward the rock.

Pull the Alarm

Pull the Alarm is comprised of Nick Ferro (guitar/vocals), Chris Brinson (drums) and Nick Daniluk (bass). The trio met while simultaneously honeymooning on a French cruise liner called, "Les Twatte". After their brides were hijacked by Polynesian pirates, they formed a vengeance squad, vowing to rescue their betrothed and slay the dirtbags who bitchnapped them. However, upon realizing that music was truly their first love, they forgot about the chicks and decided to become pirates themselves; pirates of the stage and studio; alternative buccaneers.

Strip The Stars

Fresh off their self-titled debut album, Strip The Stars is a band that does things their way. Whether it’s the writing and recording process or live performances, they’ve not been content following the old channels of the music world and have instead paved their own road. Drawing comparisons to Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, and Alice in Chains, the full shake- you-to-your-bones sound of this quartet puts the roar in your speakers and will leave you singing the songs long after the show’s over.
Formed in early 2011, Strip The Stars brings together vocalist David Frisbie, drummer Leonardo Zayas, guitarist Brett Walston, and bassist Miles Marlin. Early on, the discovery of their own formula led to the forma- tion of the songs that make up Strip The Stars. Songs such as “28 Days” and “Simple Things” blend intricate-yet-accessible guitar hooks, catchy vocal melodies and harmonies, and a defined and powerful groove with pop sensibilities. The band split time early between writing and slowly bringing the music to the masses, but with the September release of Strip The Stars, the band has finally been able to fully focus on their live show in Denver and beyond, sharing stages with acts such as Trapt and Beta Wolf along the way. 2013 shows Strip The Stars firing on all cylinders, and with their solid musicianship and songwriting, this is a band you won’t want to miss.

Tyler Stanfield and friends

'A mix of intricate guitar riffs and soulful vocals, Tyler combines his roots in rock and blues to create his own unique sound.'

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